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AMIODARONE HCL (CORDARONE) Classification Class III antiarrhymic supplied in 150 mg/ml ampoules ( pre loaded doses)
AMIODARONE Actions Slows conduction everywhere Increases refractory period of all cardiac tissue Slows SA node slows conduction at the AV junction and decreases ventricular response hemodynamic effects 1. Coronary and peripheral vasodilator 2. Mild decrease in myocardia
AMIODARONE Indications 1. All tacky above 150, pulseless V-tack 2. Pulseless VT/VF 3. Stable VT when cardioversion unsuccessful 4. adjunct to electrical cardioversion of SVT/ PSVT atrrial tackycardia 5. ectopic or mat w/normal LV function. 6. pharmacologic
AMIODARONE Dosing Adult Pulseless VT/VF or Aystole Initial bolus 300mg rabid IV push 3-5 min. Consider repeat dose of 150mg IV push in 3-5 min If defib successful follow with 1mg/min IV piggy Back for 6hr (mix 900mg in 500ml NS) Then decrease infusion rate to 0,5 mg/min IVPB
AMIODARONE Precautions Hypotension most common Bradycardia and AVB slow the infusion rate or D/C if seen Pacemaker may be required Potentiates actions of oral anticoaguants Use caution in renal failure pts
AMIODARONE Contraindications Hypersensitivity Cardiogenic Shock Bradycardia and Symptomatic Brady 2nd & 3rd degree AVB Use with drugs that prolong QT interval Synope caused by bradycardia ( except w/pacemaker)
AMIODARONE side effect Hypotension , Bradycardia, AVBs, Hepatotoxity, increased QT interval, VT, VF, Negative intropic & Chonotropic, Prolonged PR interval, QRS comples &QT interval Be alart for signs of pulmonary toxicity ( dyspnea & cough)
AMIODARONE special notes Half-Life of 40 days for IV dose PO 103 days
Created by: fsneumann