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English Fallacies

Equivocation The use of the same word in two different senses in an argument without acknowledging the difference
Deductive reasoning argument that moves from the general principle to the specific application
Syllogism a structured form of deductive reasoning consisting of a major premise, a minor premise, and a conlcusion, involving three classes fo terms. Ex: all men are mortal. socrates is a man. socrates is mortal.
Ad hominem substitutes a personal attack for substantive discussion. It attempts to discredit another's argument or opinion by attacking the person's character; the implication is that the person it too contemptible to have worthwhile ideas
Sweeping generalization applying a general principle to a specific case, as though the principle were a rule ex: our constitution says everyone should have the right to lbierty. Jails and prisons deprive people of their liberty. Therefore all convicts should be released."
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