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Emily Geo final

The ____ Empire extended in the Andes from Argentina and Chile to Ecuador until the arrival of the Spanish in the 1500's *.A) Inca
In the film "Wetback", in what country do the migrants face the most problems when traveling to the US? a mexico
The maximum latitude on the Earth is ___ degrees: 90
Which South American country is home to the largest Japanese population outside of Japan? Brazil
The line of zero degrees latitude is know as the: Equator
Which of these statements correctly describes Europe's population dynamics? Increasingly older population
The difference between formal and functional regions is: the nature of the unifying properties: static homogeneity vs. functional cohesion
German reunification occurred in 1990
The Iberian Peninsula (Spain and Portugal) is isolated from the rest of Europe by which mountain range? B) Pennines
From the end of World War II in 1945 until 1990, Eastern Europe was dominated by the: Soviet Union
A maquiladora is: a foreign-owned factory in northern Mexico that assembles duty-free goods
Which of the following list of zones is correctly ordered from 0 to 90N latitude? equatorial, subtropical, midlatitude, subarctic, arctic
The slums of South America's large cities are known as: favelas or barrios
The best example of an elongated state in South America, and probably the world, is: Chile
What natural resource does Mexico lack? Copper
An altiplano is a(n): high-elevation basin or valley
Persistently frozen ground is known as: permafrost
The mountain chain in west-central Russia that is sometimes regarded as the "boundary" between Europe and Asia is known as the: Urals
Lines of longitude: All of the above
When an ocean plate and a continental plate collide, what happens? All of the above
Which of the following groups have formed a rapidly growing minority presence in many European countries? Muslims
Europe's relative location: is one of centrality within the land hemisphere
the outermost ring of South American cities is characterized by: Squatter settlements
The geographic principle under which particular peoples and particular places concentrate on the production of particular goods is known as: local functional specialization
The leading agricultural activity of the Pampa region is the production of: cattle
Which Caribbean island contains more than one state? Hispaniola
The Treaty of Tordeseillas was mediated by the Pope and divided South America between two primary colonial powers: Spain and Portugal
Two crustal plates move away from one another at a ___________ plate boundary. Divergent
hich of the following statements about Puerto Rico is correct Puerto Rico is a commonwealth of the United States
The Alps were formed when: The African and European continents collided
The desert in the north of Chile is the: Atacama
hich of the following does NOT accurately describe modern Russia? Decrease in crime and corruption
The Atacama desert is in the rain shadow of the _______ Mountains Andes
The process whereby regions within a state demand and gain political strength and growing autonomy is known as: devolution
Mestizos are persons who are of mixed ____________ heritage European and Amerindian
Which three countries started modern European supranationalism during and after World War II? Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg
The term Balkanization refers to: the division and fragmentation of the southern portion of Eastern Europe
The term ________ is used to describe an inland climate that is remote from the moderating influences of large water bodies. continentality
In Russia, Lake Baykal is forming at a _____?_____ plate boundary ) Convergent
Most of the population of Russia is found in the: western part of the country
which country did Panama belong before its 1903 United States-supported to revolution achieved independence? Colombia
A nation-state describes a community of people with: All of the above
Middle America's largest country today in terms of both area and population is: Mexico
Eastern Europe is a zone of politico-geographical splintering and fracturing known as a (an): shatter belt
Which physiographic province contains the Russian Core area? The Ural Mountains
The hypothesis of ________ involves the breakup of a supercontinent that existed hundreds of millions of years ago: continental drift
A country's leading urban center that is disproportionately large and exceptionally expressive of national feelings, such as Paris is to France, is known as the country's primate city
Which major global power occupied Afghanistan from 1979-1989? The Soviet Union
The two countries know as the “Empire States” in SW Asia are: Iran and Turkey
A disease that spreads worldwide is known as a(n): Pandemic
The Himalaya Mountains are forming at a __________ plate boundary between the Indian Plate and the Eurasian Plate. Convergent
Which country in sub-Saharan Africa stand out as having a very different cultural, climate and economic conditions than any other country in the region? South Africa
What human activity has greatly increased the severity of river flooding South Asia? Deforestation
The Congo River Basin mainly supports what type of vegetation? tropical rainforest
The political products of colonialism include ALL OF THE ABOVE
The world's three major mono-theistic religions developed in which chronological order? Judaism, Christianity, Islam
Most of the people living in contested Jammu-Kashmir are: Muslim
The cultural core of Pakistan is the: Punjab
Which of these sub-Saharan countries is a major oil exporter and member of OPEC? Nigeria
India today is probably in the ______ stage of its demographic transition. 2
Major geographical qualities of Afghanistan include all the above
The woman featured in the Bangladesh film clip used a micro-loan to purchase a _________ that ended up having a positive effect on the economic status of her own family as well as the local village farmers. cell phone
An area whose control is hotly disputed by India and Pakistan is: Jammu and Kashmir
The major river of Pakistan is the: Indus
The two nuclear powers in South Asia are: India and Pakistan
South Asia suffers from serious environmental problems, including: All of the above
A market that is set up only on certain days of the week is known as a ____ market. periodic
What major export accounts for approximately 1/3 of Afghanistan’s GDP? Heroin
The Suez Canal, a strategically important transportation route linking the Mediterranean Sea with the Red Sea, is controlled by which country? Egypt
What lessons from Three Cups of Tea have the NATO forces in Afghanistan incorporated into their operational planning? The important of relationships, respect for tribal cultures, and the need to listen more to tribal leaders
The Monsoons of South Asia are: A strongly seasonal pattern of wet summer and dry winters
Which of these statements about the Taliban is FALSE The Taliban outlawed music and sports
Within the Maghreb region of North Africa, several countries have close ties with their former colonial master, ________. Iki o France
30. Which European colonial power controlled most of South Asia? Great Britain
Which of the following is an example of an ethnic religion Buddhism
What natural hazard is South Asia not currently threatened by? Volcanic eruptions
The rivers of sub-Saharan Africa never developed as major transportation routes because: They flow over many waterfalls that make them impassable
Well before European colonization of Africa, there were extensive trading relationships between East Africa and ______ The Arabian Penninsula and South Asia
Which South Asian country’s territory exists primarily in the low-lying delta of the Brahmaputra and Ganges Rivers? Bangladesh
The major mountain range in North Africa is the: Atlas Mountains
The major rivers of South Asia all originate in: The Himalaya Mountains
The Kurdish population in Iraq is located in the _____ near the border with ________. North, Turkey
Which of the following countries was NOT a former British colony of possession? Morocco
About 85 percent of Muslims consider themselves: Sunni
The major decade of independence in Africa was the _____ 1960's
Illegal _________mining is a major source of funding for conflicts in sub-Saharan Africa Diamond
Which two countries in South Asia separated during a civil war in 1971? Pakistan and Bangladesh
What country controls the headwaters of the Tigris and Euphrates Iraq
In what sub-regions of Pakistan did Greg Mortenson's school building efforts begin? The Punjab and Balochistan
In Saudi Arabia, women: all the above
The highest rates of HIV/AIDS infection in Africa are in: Southern Africa
___________, Pakistan, is an excellent example of a forward, or frontier, capital city. Islamabad
The rift valleys of East Africa are forming at a _________________ plate boundary Divergent
Thailand and Myanmar are both excellent examples of ______ states. protruded
Australia and New Zealand both share ________ colonial heritage British
Australian aboriginals are know to have been present on the continent for ________years. 50,000-60,000
The indigenous people of New Zealand are called the _____. Maori
The better-watered volcanic islands, where the economy is based upon agriculture, are known as: High islands
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