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Audiology Final

Who provided first services after WWII SLPs
Who is the Father of Audiology Raymond Carhart
What are you legally required to hold as an audiologist licensure
How many Americans suffer from a hearing loss 28 million
What type of audiologist works in a medical environment and focuses on diagnostic assessments? Medical Audiologist
What type of audiologist works with children and their families? Pediatric Audiologist
What type of audiologist works in schools to provide services to kids Educational Audiologist
What type of audiologist works in the selection of hearing aids and training in compensatory communication? Dispensing/Rehabilitative Audiologist
What type of audiologist would measure high noise areas & design hearing conservation programs Industrial Audiologist
What does ASHA stand for? American Speech-Language Hearing Association
What structure converts sound into mechanical energy? Tympanic Membrane
What structures generate OAEs? Outer Hair Cells
What structures amplify mechanical input? Ossicles
What structure changes mechanical energy to electrical energy Cochlea
What structure transmits electric signals to the brain? Auditory Nerve
In what pathway of sound does sound travel through the outer ear, middle ear, and then to cochlea? Air Conduction Pathway
In what pathway does sound travel through the inner ear only and then to the cochlea? Bone Conduction Pathway
What type of HL is a malfunction in the outer or middle ear? CHL
What type of HL is a malfunction in the inner ear? SNHL
What type of HL includes both a CHL & SNHL occurring simultaneously? Mixed HL
Molecules being shoved together is referred to as a... compression
Molecules being pulled apart is a... rarefaction
What refers to a series of compressions and rarefactions? Vibration
What type of wave is a sound wave? Longitudinal sine wave
What measures cycles per second? Frequency
The naturalrate of vibration of a mass, or when a mass is most easily set into vibration (greatest frequency) is what? Resonant Frequency
What is the measurement of any point on the pressure wave to the same point on the next wave? Wavelength
Intensity refers to the.... Loudness
What Law States, "as the distance from the sound source doubles, the intensity of a sound decreases by 6 dB Inverse Square Law
What is the numerical measure of Intensity? dB
What type of BC takes place when molecules of the skull and structures of hearing in the cochlea are displaced? Distortional Bone Conduction
What type of BC takes place from swinging ossicles are causing vibrations in the skull? Inertial Bone Conduction
What type of BC occurs when vibrations are not let out of the ear? Osseotympanic Bone Conduction
What increases the intensity of sound delivered into the ear when the ear canal is covered? Occlusion Effect
Are both ears uncovered or covered during BC tests in prevention of the Occlusion Effect? Uncovered
AC poor, BC normal, and ABG CHL
AC poor, BC poor, and ABG Mixed HL
AC and BC thresholds are dropping within 10 dB of eachother SNHL
Type of Masking that contains all frequencies used during speech testing White Noise
Type of Masking that is a narrow band of noise surrounding the frequency being tested Narrowband Noise
What term refers to testing one ear at a time monaurally
What term refers to testing both ears simultaneously binaurally
What are the stimuli for SRT testing? spondees
What frequency do u set speech testing at? NONE
What are the stimuli for WR testing Phonetically Balanced 1 syllable words
What is the difference between the signal and the noise (Sig-noise=?) Signal to Noise Ratio
Tympanic Membrane vibrates most efficiently when the pressure on both sides is... Equal
ABRs estimate the threshold at what wave? FIVE
What structure is responsible for auditory alertness, reflexes, and habituation? Reticular Formation
Decussations are important for what? Intrinsic Redundancy
Do cochlear implants restore normal hearing? No
What is the limitation to screening infants with OAE's conductive pathology
What is the scala media filed with? endolymph
What is the rapid jerking of the eye? nystagmus
What is the critical period for language learning? Birth to age 3
In the pars flaccida, what layer is missing? middle
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