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unit 4 vocab

unit 4 (lowi) vocabulary

17th amendment the amendment that provides for the direct election of U.S. senators by voters of each state
Agenda Setting Determining the public policy questions to considerd by Congress
Apportionment Graniting political representation to a group of people
Appropriation Committee A standing committee in the House of Reps. that recommend how much money to provide to a federal agencies.
Bicameral Legislature A legilature made up by two parts. The U.S. Congress, composed of the House of Reps. and the senate
Bill the draft of a proposed law presentedto a legilative body for approval
Bully pulpit the "soap box" that the president has and uses to his advantage becasue he has the attention of the press and public
Calendar An agenda, or list, that contains names of bills or resolutions to be considered befor committees or in either chanber or legislature
Capital punishment(death penelty) A sentence of punishment by execution, now limited to the crime of murder
Casework Personal work done for the constituents by members of Congress
Census the counting, every ten years, of the population in the United States, conducted by the Bureau of Census
challenger a candidate for office who dose not currently hold that office, but rather challenges the incumbent office holder
check and balances a major principle of the U.S. Gov each branch of gov holds a limited power
Cloture a parliamentry technique
committee chair the congressional memeber who head a particular committee
confrence committee when bills pass both chambers of Congress in diffrent forms,
constituency the residents of the electoral district, A group of individuals represented by a legislator
continuing resolution a temporary law that Congress passes when an appropriations bill has not been decided by the beginning of the new fiscal year (oct 1)
delegate a persaon authorized to act as a representative of another
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