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Light Unit

study guide for Light test 12/2010

what are the three characteristics of light? it is invisible unless detected; detection of light requires interaction with matter (dust, eyes); light spreads out as it moves from a light source
what does opaque mean? no light can pass through
what does transclucent meant? some light can pass through
what does transparant mean? all light can pass through
what is a shadow? the absence of light
what is the visible spectrum? a mix of colored light; white or visible light
what is the correct order of colors in the visible spectrum? ROY G BIV
what color is the most easily refracted color of the visible spectrum? blue
what color is not as easily seen by the human eye? red
how do you see certain colors when looking at them? ex: why do we see green when looking at grass? grass reflects green and absorbs the all the other colors
how do we see white? white absorbs no colors of the spectrum
how do we see black? black absorbs all the colors of the spectrum
what are the three primary colors of light? red green blue
what is a lens? an object, usually made of glass, that is made to refract light in a specific way
what are the two main types of lenses? convex (makes objects look larger) and concave (makes objects look smaller)
what type of lens does the human eye have? convex
what colors have the longest wavelength and the shortest? longest: red shortest: blue
what does a triangular prism do? changes white light to make colored light
what are the five main sources of light? fire, lightening, sun, lightening bugs, light bulbs
relfection the bouncing of light from a surface
refraction the bending of light that moves from one material to another
crest the top of the wave
trough the bottom of the wave
wavelength the distance from crest to crest
Created by: clairetynes