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KF G4 Q2 Reading

Marven of the Great North Woods

What is payroll? list of employees and their salaries
What is a cord? an amount of firewood
What does immense mean? very large...huge...enormous
What does dismay mean? worry
What does grizzly mean? gray OR large grayish bear...type of bear
How old was Marven? Marven was 10 years old.
Why was Marven sent to the Great North Woods? His parents sent him them so that he wouldn't get sick with the flu.
Who is Mr. Murray? Mr. Murray was the manager of the lumber camp.
What was Marven's job at the camp? He was the bookkeeper and he woke up the lumberjacks if they overslept.
What was the setting of this story? The story takes place in a lumber camp in the northern part of Minnesota. It takes place in the early 1900's.
What parts of the story lets you know that it take place along time ago? He had a bearskin for a blanket and he used an inkwell to write. They used kerosene lamps.
How can you tell that the Great Woods are very cold? They use a fire for heat. They use bearskin for blankets. He wore double-thick long underwear, two pair of socks, two pair of pants and two sweaters.
How were the lumberjacks told to wake up? Bells rang. The first one at 4:00, the next at 4:15 and the third one at 4:20.
How did Marven feel about having to wake up the lumberjacks? Jack was frightened to wake up the lumberjacks.
Where do you think the lumberjack was from? The lumberjack might have been from France. His name was Jean Louis and he spoke French.
What are some of the words that the author used to describe how immense the lumberjacks were? His feet were as big as skillets. It was like poking a granite boulder. Each lumberjack at a lot of food for breakfast...pancakes, steak, bacon and oatmeal. Jean Louis' thumbprint was the size of a baby's fist.
How did Marven solve his breakfast problem? He would eat the steak one day and the pancakes and oatmeal with milk another.
How did Marven determine the amount of pay for each lumberjack? It was based on how much wood they cut.
Could all the lumberjacks write? How do you know? No, Jean Louis' chit had a thumbprint on it.
Was Marven good at his job? Yes, By week 2 he was organized and would finish early.
How was the great North Woods different from home? The snow was was white. In Duluth, his home, the snow turned sooty from smoke from chimneys.
What did Marven actually see when he thought he saw a Grizzly bear? It was really Jean Louis.
Why do you think Marven thought of his family when he was frightened by the "grizzly bear"/ Jean Louis? He was probably afraid he wouldn't see them again.
This is a true story. How was the author related to Marven? The author was Marven's daughter.
By the end of the story, did Marven like being at the camp? How could you tell. Marven liked being there. By the end of the story, he was skiing along side the lumberjacks humming their songs.
How do you think the author felt about her father? She was proud of her father. That is probably why she wrote this true story about him.
How could you tell that Marvin was intelligent? He made up a system for paying the men.
Which sentence is an opinion? A. Marven Lasky went to camp to work as a bookkeeper. B. Mr. Murray managed the lumber camp. C. the men looked like a pack of frantic grizzly bears. C. The men looked like a pack of frantic grizzly bears.
Since Marvin was Jewish, what was he not allowed to eat? He could not eat meat with dairy products.
What is the main idea of this story? Lumberjacks cut wood for a living.
Why do you think that the author described the lumberjacks dancing? He wanted to show the readers what the men did for entertainment.
What does the author mean when she says that Marvin has a good head for figures? Marven was good at math.
How could you tell that Jean Louis liked Marvin? Jean Louis walked Marvin back to the camp.
How was Marven's life in Duluth like his life at the lumber camp? He used skis to get around in the snow.
Which event in the story happened first? A. Marven arrived at the logging camp. B. Marven's family moved to the United States. C. Influenza struck the United States. D. The lumberjacks danced to fiddle music. B. Marven's family moved to the United States.
How would you describe how Marven felt when he returned to camp with Jean Louis and the other men? He was cheerful.
How can you tell that Marven is good at doing things on his own? He organized the payroll.
Why did Marven want to say a broche, or blessing, on his first morning? He did not want to have to wake the lumberjacks.
Which sentence is an opinion? A. Jean Louis did not know how to write this name. B. Jean Louis spoke French and English C. Jean Louis had a laugh that was a powerful as his ax.? C. Jean Louis had a laugh that was as powerful as his ax.
How were Marven and Jean Louis different? Marvin could write and Jean Louis could not. His chit had a thumbprint.
Created by: ka1usg
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