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KF G4 Q2 Reading

So You Want To Be President

What does VAIN mean? Having too much pride in your looks or ability...proud...prideful
What are POLITICS? How government works...the management of public business...policy...government
What does HUMBLE mean? Not proud...modest
What does SOLEMNLY mean? seriously...sincerely
What is HOWLING? very great...tremendous
What is the CONSTITUTION? The US Book of Laws...the written laws by which the US is governed...a document stating a system of laws
What is RESPONSIBILITY? obligation...the act of taking care of someone or something...your job...your task...duty
Where does the President live? He lives in the White House.
What are some of the good things about being president? He lives in the White House. He has a swimming pool, a bowling alley and a movie theater. He can eat whatever he likes.
What are some of the bad things about being president? He has to be dressed up all of the time. He has to be polite to everyone. He can't go anywhere alone, and he has lots of homework.
What is the most popular first name for a president? James
Who was the tallest president? Abraham Lincoln
What did Abraham Lincoln where on his head? A stovepipe hat. It made him look even taller.
Who was the smallest president? James Madison
Which president weighed the most? William Howard Taft
What did William Taft have built for him since he was so big? A new bathtub.
How old must you be to become president. You must be at least 35.
Who was the youngest president? Teddy Roosevelt.
Who was the oldest president? Ronald Reagan
All the presidents have had siblings. Who had the most? Benjamin Harrison had the most...11
What did the author mean when she wrote "A President in you family tree is a plus?" There were many presidents that had relative presidents...
What is the most popular White House pet? Dogs
What other pets did the White House see? Horses, goats, raccoons, cats, guinea pigs, mice, rats, badgers, parrots and ponies.
What was so special about Theodore Roosevelt's pony? It rode in the White House elevator.
Do you have to go to college to be president? No, 9 did not go.
Who wrote the Declaration of Independence? Thomas Jefferson.
What does the author mean when she wrote "Thomas Jefferson was top notch in the brains department?" He was a very smart president.
What types of jobs did the presidents have before they became president? They were lawyers, teachers, farmers, sailors, mayors, senators and actors.
What did Ronald Reagan do before he became President? He was an actor.
Who was our very first President? George Washington
What kind of people have never been president? Women and people of color.
How long did it take before a woman ran for vice president? Almost 200 years.
What are some reasons people run for president? They love their country or they want to make the world a better place. They want to turn lives around and look to the future.
What does every president have to do before entering office? They must take an oath. They swear that they will do their best.
What three words in the presidents oath tell what the President is to do with the Constitution of the United States. Preserve, Protect and Defend.
Why do you think that the author wrote this story? She wanted to tell interesting facts about different presidents.
Why does the author include the detail about the President never taking out the garbage? She wanted to show us that he does not always have to do normal things. He has many helpers in the White House.
What did Quentin Roosevelt do to cheer up his sick brother? He rode his pony upstairs in the White House elevator.
Name at least one president that did NOT go to college. George Washington and Abraham Lincoln
What was something Presidents George Washington, Andrew Johnson, and Harry Truman have in common? They did not go to college.
One detail from the selection was, "The President never has to take out the garbage." What main idea does this detail support? There are good and bad things about being President.
Which of the following was an opinion in this story? A. James Madison weighted only one 100 pounds. B. Benjamin Harrison was lucky to have grown up on a large farm. C. James Polk and James Buchanan both had nine brothers and sisters. B. Benjamin Harrison was LUCKY to have grown up on a large farm.
Which of these was a main idea of this selection? A. Herbert Hoover had three dogs. B. Some presidents preferred dogs. C. All kinds of pets lived in the White House. C. All kinds of pets lived in the White House.
Which generalization is supported by details in the selection? A. Being President has always been a lot of work. B. All presidents have enjoyed their job. C. Only people with a lot of money have been President. A. Being President has always been a lot of work.
Which generalization is supported by details in the selection? A. Only tall men and women have become president. B. There have been many presidents over the years. C. Presidents have to write their own oath before taking office. B. There have been many presidents over the years.
When someone threw a cabbage at Taft, he said, "I see that one of my adversaries has lost his head." Why did the author include this quote? She wanted to show us that some presidents were funny.
What is the main idea of this selection? People want to be President for different reasons.
Abraham Lincoln said, "I know very well that many others might in this matter as in others , do better than I can." From this you can tell that Lincoln was A. greedy B. humble C. impatient D. curious B. humble
As president, what did George Washington and Abraham Lincoln have in common? They both liked to serve our country.
What two religions have all presidents been? Roman Catholic or Protestant.
According to the author, the first priority has always been: The people and the country they served.
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