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Semester exam latin

Latin 1 semester exam

Absum abesse, afui, afuturus – be away
Afficio -ere, affeci, affectus - affect
Amittō -ere, amisi, amissus – let go
Audio -ire, ivi, itus - hear
Committo -ere, -misi, -missus - join together
Commodus -a, -um –suitable
Contineo -ēre, -ui, -tentus - hold together
Convenio -īre, -veni, -venturus come together
Convoco -āre, -avi, -atus –call together
Crās tomorrow
Dea -ae f. goddess
Firmus -a, -um, strong
Fugio -ere, fugi, fugiturus, run away
Iam already
Incipio -ere, incepi, inceptus, to begin
Inimīcus -a, -um unfriendly hostile
Lego -ere, legi, lectus gather
Liber libri, M. book
Medius -a, -um. middle
Miser -era, erum, unhappy
Nōscō -ere, novi, notus, learn
Otium oti n. leisure
Pauci -ae, a, a few
Perīculum -I n. danger
Perpetuus -a, -um, constant
Plenus -a, -um, level
Poeta -ae, m. poet
Praesidium di, n. reward
Prō in front of
Prōcēdō -ere, -cessi, -cessurus, go forward
Prōducō -ere, -duxi, -ductus lead out
Proelium -li, n. battle
Propero -āre, -avi, -aturus, hasten
Reduce -ere, -reduxi, reductus, lead back
Reliquus -a, -um, remaining
Retineō -tinēre, retinue, retentus keep
Sententia -ae f. feling
Sine without
Stadium di, n. eagerness
Tardus -a, -um, late
Traho -ere, traxi, tractus draw
Valeo -ēre, valui, valiturus, be well
Varius -a, -um changing
Ventus I, m. wind
Verbum I, n. word
Cena -ae, F. dinner
Fabula -ae, F. story
Ibi adv. there
Mater matris, F. mother
Minimē Adv. Not at all, no
Mox Adv. soon
Nōn adv. not
Nunc adv. now
Paene adv. almost
Sīc yes, thus, so
Tempus -oris, N. time
Tum Adv. Then
Ubi Adv. Where, when
Accēdō -cēdō – cessī –cessum- come up to approach
Accipiō cipere –cēpī –ceptus to take, receive, accept, to welcome entertain
Aequus -a –um adj level, even, flat smooth
Agō agere, ēgī, āctus- to drive, lead, conduct
Auxilium -ī N. help
Bellum -ī N. War; warfare
Capiō capere cēpī captus to take hold of grasp
Causa ae f. cause grounds, motive reason
Cēdō cēdere, cessī, cessus to grant, concede, yield, give up
Concordia ae, f. harmony, concord
Debeo -ere, ur –itus to owe to be responsible for
Defendo dere, -di, -sus: to defend
Dominus -I m. owner proprietor
Duco duvere, duxi, ductus to lead, guide, direct, conduct, command
Efficio -fivere, -feci, -fectus to bring about, bring to pass, effect cause produce
Excedo -cedere, cessi, cessus to exceed, pass, surpass
Exspecto -are, avi, atus to satisfy completely, glut
Facio facere, feci factus, to make
Invenio -venire, -veni, vintus to come upon, find, come across
Latus -eris, n. side flank, body portion
Locus I M. little place, spot
Maturo -are, -avi, -atus to ripen
Mitto mittere, misi, missus to send
Munio ire, ivi or ii, itus to defend with a wall
Narro -are, -avi, atus to tell, relate, narrate
-ne it introduces a question and is put on the first word of the sentence
Nuntius -a, -um bringing news announcing
Officium -I n. service favor kindness courtesy
Oppidum -I n. small town
Pono ponere, posui, positus to put set place
Populus I f. popular tree
Pretium -I n. price value worth reward
Publicus –a –um adj public
Pulcher -beautifully attractive
Quid how why
Quis curuc who which one
Rego regere, rexi, rectus to keep in a straight line
Templum -I N. shrine, temple
Terminus -I M. boundary limit
Venio venire, veni, ventum- to come
Verus -a, -um true actual genuine real
Vester -tra –trum your yours
Ā, ab away from
Ager Agri M. field
Altus -a, -um, high
Amīcitia -ae, friendship
Amīcus -a, -um, friendly
Animus -i, M. mind
Annus -i, M. year
Augeō -gere, xi, ctus, increase
Barbarus (adjective) -a, -um, foreign
Barbarus (noun) -i, M. Foreigner, barbarian
Captīvus a, um captive
Casa -ae, f. house
Castra -orum n. pl. camp
Cēna -ae, f. diner
Colōnus -i, m. settler
Cōnsilium li, n. council
Disciplīna -ae, f. training
Doceō ere,ui,tus, teach
Ē, ex out from
Ēvoco are, avi, atus, call out
Fīlius -li, m., son
Frūmentum -I, n. grain
Glōria ae, f. glory
Grātia ae, f. gratitude
Habeō ere, ui, itus have
Habitō are, avi, atus live
Lingua -ae f. tongue
Magister tri, m. teacher
Maneō ere, si, sus, to wait
Mereō ere, ui, itus deserve
Migrō -are, avi, atus move
Moveō movere, movi, motus, move
Noster tra, trum our
Patria ae,f. fatherland, country
Praemium mi, n. reward
Puer i m. boy
Sacer cra, crum scared
Signum I, n. sign
Singulī ae, a, one at a time
Socius ci m. ally
Sum esse, fui, futurus, to be
Teneō ere, ui, tus, hold
Terreō ere, ui, itus, scare
Videō ere, vidi, visus, to see
Vir viri m. Man hero
Vocō are, avi, atus, call
Cibus I, M. food
Clarus a, um, clear
Copia ae, f. supply
Cura ae, f. worry
Forma ae, f. shape
Numerus I, M. number
Planus a, um, level
Regina ae f. queen
Ad at
Nauta ae, M. sailor
Navigo are avi atus, to navigate
Pecunia ae f. money
unda ae, f. water
Dono are, avi, atus to present
gratus a, um, done for thanks
littera ae, f. letter
Mando are, avi, atus to hand over
monstro are, avi, atus, to show
nuntio are, avi, atus- to bring
praeda ae, f. plunder
Probo are, avi, atus to approve
incito are, avi, atus to urge on
iniuria ae, f. wrong
memoria ae, f. memory
occupo are avi, atus to occupy
poena ae f. punishment
Provincia ae f. providence
Pugna ae, f. fight
pugno are, avi atus, to fight
servo are, avi, atus, to watch
victoria ae, f. victory
filia ae, f. daughter
hora ae, f. hour
meus a, um, my
quintus a, um fifth
tuus a, um - your
Agricola ae, M. farmer
Aqua ae, f. water
Carrus I, M. cart
Equus I, M horse
Fama ae F. fame
Familia ae, f. family
foruna Ae, f. fortune
Insula ae, f. fortune
Puella ae, f. girl
Servus I, M. slave
Silva ae, f. forrest
terra ae, f. earth
Via ae, f. road
Vita ae, f. life
Bonus a, um good
Durus a, um, hard
Longus a, um, long
Magnus a, um, large
Malus a, um, tall
Multus a, um, many
Novus a, um, new
Parvus a, um, small
Amo are, avi, atus, love
Laboro are, avi, atus, to work
Laudo are, avi, atus to praise
Paro are avi atus to prepare
Porto are avi atus carry
Specto are, avi atus to observe
Minime not at all
non no
Nunc now
Sic yes
Ubi where
Et and
quod because
sed but
Created by: eaglesoars