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dessert science p6

Dinerdessert science

Triple beam balence instrument that measures mass in an object.
Graduated cylinder instrument that measures volume in an object.
Beaker instrument that carries and mixes chemicals.
Density shows how tightly or loosly an items atoms are.
Mass how much matter is in an object
volume the amount of space an object takes up
test tube tool that carries items
atom microstophic figure inside an atom
nucleus the center of an atom
proton part of the atom that carries a positive charge; +
neutron part of the atom that carries no charge; 0
electron part of the atom that carries a negative charge; -
element found in an atom when it is alone
acceleration a change in velocity
force a push or pull
velocity speed in a direction
Newtons 1st law an object at rest, remains at rest, unless acted by an outside force
Newtons 2nd law speed depends on the size and mass of an object
Newtons 3rd law for every action theirs an equal an opposit reaction
HR Diagram graph that shows the brightness, age, color, and temperature of a star
elliptical galaxy galaxies that are round and are really bright
irregular galaxy galaxies with no definite shapes
spiral galaxy galaxies shape like a whirlpool with two outer arms
big bang theory theory shows how the universe was made
nebula collection of gas and dust where stars are born
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