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7th grade 2ndqu EQT

2nd quarter EQT study guide

What effect do animals have on the environment? They release carbon dixide the atmosphere.
A puppy chews on objects other than food. This type of behavior is They take the nitrogen from the air.
An ocean climate on an island became drier. As a result the grasses on the island change from dark green to light brown. Over time how might a species of green toads that hide in the grasses and are subjected 2 predation respond 2 these changes? They will turn brown.
When a farmer spraed insectide most of the insects are killed but a few survive due to resistant genes . What is the best explanation of why this occurs? The surving insects passed on their resistant genes.
Snowshoe hare experience a change in fur color from brown in the summer to white in the winter What would happen if the hare lived in warm climat all year long? It woild have borwn fur all year long
The environment changed cuz of the grand canyon today the squirrles noe show a white tail and black belly their ancestor exhidited gray tails and white bellies. this difference in fur coloring most likey Is evidence of speciatoin due to geographical isolation
What is the haploid of 40 20
The sperm cells of a squirrel have 20 chromosomes.How many are found in a body cell? 40 Chromosomes
How would a gene de described? the coded instruction for a trait
How will an organism be affected if part of its chromosome is missing? it will lack the necessary information to control cell process
If a scientist is trying to decide if a molecule is RNA or DNA for what should he test? Thymine
The order of bases along a gene determines te order in which? Amino acids are put together to fram a protein
What is the function of RNA? to copy DNA
what nucleic acids are present in both DNA and RNA Guanine , Adenine and Cytosine
DNA molecule is being change into a RNA molecule. The next base to be transcribed on the DNA sequence is adenine. Which base will be the complement in RNA molecule? Uracil
What is RNA made up of adenine cytosine thymine guuanine and ribose sugar
When does a mutation ouccer when theres is a change in the oder of the bases
A pea plant has allels for green and yellow seed cloors According to Mendel`s law of segregation of characteristics what must a gamete of the plant carry only one allele
A pea plant has white flowers and yellow seeds What does Mendel`s law of independent assortment say about these traits? Inhertance of one trait not effect the other
In a cross of parents that are pure for contrasting traits only one from of the trait will appear in the next generation Offspring that are hybrid for a trait in the phenotype this is an example offspring have? dd
Be adle to interpert a pedigree chart male squares Female circles
If a male dog is homozygous dominate (GG) ang it mates with a hommozygous recessive femals(gg) what will the result of the offspring be all will be heterozygous
Alleles for different traits are distrbuted to gametes and offspring independently of one another what law does this represent Law of independent assortment
Allels for differnt traits are distributed to gametes and offspring independenyly of one another what law does this represent Law of Dominance
A pure dominant plant is crossed with a pure recessive plant The first generations of offspring are mixed plants What law of heredtiy does this represent Law of Dominance
You have a group of tufted squirrels that are new to an area These squirrels are surviving more than any other squirrels in the area Why is this Natural Selection = Survival of the fittest
The managers of the park have been fighting a group of snails new to the area they are thying to remove all of them by killing the eggs an the snails the snails are hurting the area and pushing out local species What type of species are these snails Invasive species
what are the beginning and end produst of mitosis (body cells) BEGINNING the cell genctc materal and organelles are copid END 1 cell with 2 indentcal nuclei are produced
What is the correct oder of the cell cycle (three parts) interphase mitosis and cytokinesis
What are the beginng and end prouduct of meiosis (sex cell) One diploid cell produces four haploid cell that are diffent
A river caued one population of squirrels become separated into two populations what is this a example of speciation due to climat
How can beaver that build that dames hurt the enironment by flooding area and changing what food some animals can get
Animals that are not to live in an area but do are called what invasive species
What is the process where animals that are able to survive and reproduce in an area is called what Natural Selection
If an animal changes to better fit its environment it is called what Adaptation
Natural selection helps to lead to a new species how Good changes get passed on in living members
When a part of a chromosome breaks off and is lost forever what happens to the cell It is missing some genes
Created by: Kela 101
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