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Biology Chap 16


Types of Tissue? epithelial, connective, muscle, nervous tissue
Describe the Epithelium? Epithelium is tightly packed sheets of cells that line organs and outer surfaces, as well as the insides of hollow organs, vessels, and body cavities
components of epithelium? heart-blood vessels, respiratory tract, digestive tract,
what is the Function of epithelium? protection, secretion, absorption
Types of connective tissue? Loose connective tissue Adipose tissue Blood Fibrous connective tissue Cartilage Bone
What form of connective tissue is 80 percent fat and used for fat storage? Adipose tissue
what is the most widespread tissue in human body? loose-connective tissue.
what is fibrous connective tissue composed of and used for? Collagen matrix and forms tenons and ligaments
Characteristics of smooth muscles? Involuntary, non striated, contracts slower/longer than skeletal muscles.
Characteristics of cardiac muscles Involuntary, straited, contract to produce heart beat. only found in heart tissue
Which tissue is composed of collagen and calcium matrix and is a rigid connective tissue? Bone.
characteristics of cartilage? Cellular component = chondrocytes Chondrocytes secrete own matrix Cartilage cushions joints, forms support for ears and nose Not vascularized, so takes a long time to heal if injured
Organs are composed of how many tissues two.
Functions of the liver? synthesizes blood clotting factors, detoxifies, regulates blood volume, destroys red blood cells, produces bile, stores nutrients
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