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Lesson 6

Respiratory System

The long muscle below your lungs that helps you breathe in and out. Diaphragm
Strings or strips of tissue that are pulled tightly across your larynx, that vibrate as air blows by, giving you the ability to make sounds. vocal chords
The middle section of the pharynx that is closest to the mouth. oropharynx
Tiny motorized "whips" waving back and forth on the cells lining the back of the nose and throughout much of the respiratory tract. cilia
Structures in your nasal cavity that air passes through to get cleaned, moistened, and brought to the right temperature. conchae
The two tubes that branch out from the trachea. Bronchi
The last part of the pharynx. laryngopharynx
Balloon-like sacs in the lungs that allow the oxygen you need to pass easily from the air you inhale to the blood stream. alveoli
Bronchioles fan out to create these little spaces where air enter the alveoli. alveolar ducts
A space in your head where much of the dust, pollen, bacteria and other stuff in the air you breathe is filtered out. nasal cavity
The uppermost part of the pharynx that is connected to the inner ear. nasopharynx
A small pink projection hanging downward from your soft palate. Uvula
Holes in your skull that air goes into after going through the nasal cavity, that continue to warm, moisturize and filter the air you breathe. Sinus cavity
Mucus-producing tissues found in many parts of the body. Mucus membrane
Air passes through the three parts of this structure on its way down the trachea. pharynx
The system that enables you to breathe and includes the nose, trachea, and lungs. Respiratory system
The condition that occurs when your bronchi are swollen, usually because of an infection. Bronchitis
Very small, thin-walled tubes that carry the air to where the lungs can finally use it. Bronchioles
The part of the body that gives you the ability to speak. larynx
Another name for the larynx. Voice box
Created by: Hutchins