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Chapter 6: Sec 2

US and Canada's Physical Geography: Climate and Vegetation

What accounts for the US and Canada's great variety of climate? the size of the region, latitude, mountains, and oceans.
The farther a location is from the Equator, the _________ it is. colder
Canada lies north of the _________ lne of latitude. 40 degrees
Areas near oceans generally have what type of climate? fairly mild climates year round.
Vancourver is a west coast city of Canada. Why is it rainy there year round? The waters of the Pacific Ocean make the winds carry moisture to this city.
Why is Winnipeg, Canada have very cold winders and hot summers? This area is a great distance from the ocean.
What is a rain shadow? An area on the dry, sheltered side of a mountain that receives little rainfall.
Alaska lies north of what line of latitude? 60 degrees
Florida and Hawaii are near what? the tropics
What are the tropics? The area between the 23 1/2 North and 23 1/2 South lines of latitude.
Why are the eastern sections of California, Nevada and Arizona semiarid or desert? Wet winds from the ocean drop their moisture before they cross the mountains.
East of the Great Plains, the USA has what kind of climate? continental climte: in the north summares aer warn and winters are cold and snowy. In the south, summers tend to be long and hot, while winters are mild.
Hurricanes and tropical storms develop where? In the Atlatic Ocean.
What are the four major kinds of natural vegetation or plant life that are produced in USA and Canada? tundra, grassland, desert srub, and forest.
What is a tundra? These are found far north and are cold dry regions that are covered with snow for mor than half the year.
What is permafrost? Permanently frozen soil.
Who lives in Canada's Arctic tundra? Inuits
What are praires? Regions of flat or rolling land covered with grasses.
Where are praires located? In humid climates
Where is the world's largest praire? In the plains of North America, covering the central states and stretching to Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba.
What is a province? A political division of Canada, like the states in the United States of America.
What is a region that has little rainfall, is dry and has few plants? Desert Scrub
Where is the Great Basin located? Between the Rocky Mountains and the Sierras in the US.
How much of the US is covered by forests? nearly 1/3 (one third)
How much of Canada is covered by forests? almost 1/2 (one half)
What are coniferous trees? Trees that have cones to protect their seeds, such as pines and spruce.
Whare deciduous trees? Trees that shed their leaves in the fall.
Where are many coniferous forests located? In the Rocky Mountains (The Rockies) and the Appalachians.
Created by: Adamsthornell