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ch. 1-6 study guide

its our study guide for chapters 1-6

Animals that live in the desert uusally noctural.
Desers are often formede on the dry side of a mountain.
The tundra has a layer of soil that is perementaly frozen under the soil.
Taiga is a forest biome dominated by conifers such as pine,fur and spruce.
Biomes are usally described by their vegitation.
If you viseted the savanna, you would likely see large herds of grazing animals.
Estivating is? both c and d
The distance north or south of the equator, as measured in degrees, is called latitude.
Tropical rainforests are threatened by deforestation and the trade of rain forest plants and animals
Adaptations od desert animals that help them survive in the hot, dry desert often include searching for food at night.
A gymnosperm is a plant .
Which of the following is not an ecosystem utility pole.
Which of the following plants is likely to be a pioneer species? shrubs.
which organism is likely to be in the bottom trophic level of a food chain. algae.
Which of the following about an organisms habitat is not true? most organism can survive if they are taken away from their envirornment.
Which of the following best describes the population? all of the red birds in the population.
Single celled organism with no cell wall but no nuclei are? air.
which of the following is not an algae that uses energy from the sun to make food? gymnosperm.
which of the following describes soil and temperture ion the ecosystem? abiotic factor.
the energy in most ecosystems comes from? all of the above
Which of the following is not one of the compistional layer of earth? mesosphere.
The fault is a break in the earths? crust.
Deep currents flow along the? ocean floor.
the richter scale best describes the? magnatude of the earthquake.
with respect to matter,earth is mostly? closed system.
A volcano is a mountain built from? magma.
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