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EMT-I Paems (ICC)

EMT-I Paems (ICC) 1st Final EXAM Study Guide

What are the terms/traits that would describe professionalism of the EMT? Integrity, Ethics, Morals, and Respect. Foundations of the EMT-I Pg10
What is professionalism? The conduct or qualities that characterize a practitioner in a particular. PG8
What actions can an EMT take to continue to be viewed by the public and peers as a professional? Promote high standards,appearance and attitude. PG8-9
How many hours of sleep does the average adult generally need? 7 to 8 hours(book)
What is the Agency that provides Medical direction/Medical Control,Development of protocols, and other in the Central Illinois Area? Peoria area EMS(PAEMS) Foundation of EMS Pg44
This agency is a Division of EMS and highway Safety. Oversight of all EMT education. Oversight of Illinois EMS systems Illinois Department of public health (IDPH) Foundation of EMS Pg45
What Agency oversees Development of EMT National Standard Curriculum through the National Department of Transportation. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) Foundation of EMS Pg46
What are the written instructions for the care of patients with specific conditions, illnesses or injuries protocol Pg19
What an EMT can do based on their level of training - the minimum and maximum level of care that a patient can expect. Scope of Practice
The minimal level of acceptable care normally provided in an area - i.e. what a similarly trained individual would do in the same circumstance. Care – Judgment – Skill standard of care
Generally protect only lay persons and healthcare workers who are off-duty Good Samaritan laws
Civil law between two parties/entities Tort
derived from society acceptance of customs or norms over time. Common Law
Act the governs when and how a patient may be (1) refused treatment or (2) transferred from one hospital to another when he or is in a unstable condition. COBRA EMTALA
What are the 4 components of negligence? The EMT had a duty to act A breach of duty occurred Damages occurred to Pt A relationship exists between the breach of duty and the damages incurred to the Pt
Created by: Gunny