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it's geology

What shape is the earth? Round/spearicle
What is a mineral? substances occurring in nature, quartz or feldspar, of definite chemical composition and usually of definite crystal structure, but sometimes also including rocks formed by these substances as well as certain natural products of organic origin.
How does halite form? Salt and water mix, when the water evaporates it leaves behind halite.
What are agents of erosion? anything that moves across a surface and breaks down the surface.
What factors effect weathering? The amount of acid that is in the rain that falls.
What are trilobites? A well preserved and diverse group of animals that are extinct.
What is a sedimentary rock? A rock composed of many smaller rock fragments compressed together.
What is the most common rock type? Sedimentary.
How are igneous rocks made? rocks are melted and then cooled together.
What is the definition of a fossil? The preserved remains of an organism from long ago.
What is one way you should never judge a mineral? Color.
How many main types of coal are there? Three.
What type of rock do you usually find fossils in? Sedimentary.
What can you regularly find in tar pits? Fossils.
What are four characteristics of minerals? Naturally occuring, Inorganic solid, Ordered interal structure, Defined chemical composition.
When did trilobites go extinct? 251 million years ago.
What rocks are assosiated with Karst? Limestone and dolostone.
What are some characteristics of Karst? Losing streams and Subsurfacing
Created by: micbar27.111