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Science Vocab

Triple Beam Balance used to meansure mass in grams
Neutron the part of an atom with no charge
Proton the part of an atom with a positive charge
Electron the part of an atom with a negative charge
Chemical Change a change that cannot be undone. ex: paper burning
Physical Change a change that can be reversed; a change ion the state of matter. ex: ice cubes melting
Newton's First Law an object at rest/motion will stay in rest/motion until an unbalanced force acts upon it
what should you do with dirty beakers after a lab? clean them
how is the periodic table organized? in periods, groups, and by increasing atomic number
is 2HeC + H -> 2HeCH a molecule, equation, or element? equation
if the net force on an object is 7N, are the forces balanced or unbalanced? unbalanced
If Sally drives 10 miles in 20 minutes, how fast was she driving? 0.5 mi/min
What kind of graph has distance and time on the x and y axises? speed graph
What kind of graph has velocity and time on the x and y axises? acceleration graph
What are the 3 types of galaxies? spiral, elliptical, and irregular
What is a comet? made of rock, ice, and cosmic dust loosely packed together; orbits the sun in an elliptical pathway
light year the distance light travels in one Earth year
electromagnetic spectrum spectrum that shows all possible frequencies of electromagnetic radiation
Newton's 3rd Law for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction
In the equation 3HeC + 4KH -> 7HeCKH, how many atoms of He are there on the product side? 7 atoms of He
Is HeKCl an element, molecule, or equation? molecule
When an atom loses a proton, what does it become? a new element
When an atom loses a electron, what does it become? it becomes an ion
When an atom loses a neutron, what does it become? it becomes an isotope
If the net force on an object is zero newtons, are the forces acting upon the obkect balanced or unbalanced? balanced
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