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Science Vocab


Triple Beam Balance equipment used to measure mass
metalloid shares properties of metals and with nonmetals
transition elements the elements in groups 3-12; are metals
Law of Conservation of Matter all atoms cannot be created or destroyed
Newton's 3rd Law of Motion For every action there's an opposite or equal reaction
Velocity change in speed and direction
galaxy large group of stars, dust,and gas held together by gravity; can be elliptical, spiral, or irregular
EM Spectrum shows the range of wavelengths of electromagnetic waves
Light Years distance light travels in space in a year
meteorite a meteoroid that strikes the surface of a moon or planet
What's the formula for Speed? Speed= Distance/Time
Unbalanced force unequal forces acting on an object which results in a change in the object's motion in the direction of the larger force
If you spill a chemical, what is the first thing you should do? Immediately report the situation to the teacher
Chemical Change creates new substances that haave properties different from those of the original substances
Electron negatively charged particle that exists in an electron cloud formation around an atom's nucleus
Chemical equation shorthand form for writing what reactants are used and what products are formed in a chemical reaction
On a speed graph, what do you label the x and y axis? x axis: time y axis: distance
HR Diagram graph showing relationship between a star's temperature to its magnitude
Force a push or a pull
molecule 2 or more atoms chemically bonded together
Elements cannot be broken down further into simpler substances
Newton's First Law of Motion an object will remain at rest or move in a straight line at a constant speed unless acted by a force
Density how "concentrated" an object is Formula: mass/volume
Subscript shows how many of a certain atom is in one molecule
On an acceleration graph, if the acceleration of an object is shown as a straight, horizontal line, what does that indicate? Staying at a constant speed over time
Wormhole a theoretical structure in space time that forms a tube like connection between 2 separate regions of the universe
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