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science dessert ftw

Triple beam balance measures mass
Graduated Cylinder measures volume of liquids and solids
Beaker A flat-bottomed cylinder container that holds chemicals
mass how much matter in an object
goggles protects eyes from dangerous cemicals
Test tube a sample tube that holds liquid
Metal element that is luster, malleable, and ductile. Good conducter of electricity
Nonmetal Everthing oppisite from a metal. Horrible conducter of electricity
Metalloid Has proprities of metals and non-metals
Group Verticle row of elements
Period Horizontal row of elements
Element Substance that can not be broken down
Reactants Starting material in a chemical
Products Substance that is formed due to chemical reactions
Element Molecule 2 or more of the same element bond
Compund Molecule 2 or more diffrent elements bonding
Chemical Formula a list of compounds and element molecules
chemical Equation short hand form for writing reactants that used in a chemical reaction
Acceleration a change in velocity
Balanced force the forces are equal. Net force is 0.
Direction The way you are going
Force a push or pull
Newton's 1st law things keep doing what they are doing unless acted on an unbalanced force
Newton's 2nd law force =acceleration/mass
Newton's 3rd law Every action has a reaction
Speed how fast you are moving
Velocity Speed in a certin direction
HR diagram A diagram that shows how bright, how hot, how big, how old, and what color a star is
Main sequence star A star with medium size, temp., and brightness
white dwarf star a small white star
Red Giant star A big red star
Elliptical Galaxy A round, bright, and large galaxy
Irregular galaxy a galaxy with no shape
Spiral Galaxy a galaxy that is shaped like a spiral
Created by: Patrickftw