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Science Review vocab

Triple Beam Balance Equipment used to measure mass in grams
Graduated Cylinder Equipment used to measure volume in mL
Beaker Equipment used to measure volume
Metal Good conductor of hear and electricity, malleable, ductile
Nonmetal On the right side of the periodic table. Not a metal
group Collumns that shows the valence electrons
Period Rows that shows the amount of electron
Element Substance that is made up of only one type of atom
Transition Elements Groups 3-12 They are all metals
Reactants Molecules on the left side of the equation. What creates the products
Subscript Shows the amount of atoms of a single element in a molecule
Coefficient Show how many of the molecules there are
Synthesis Two or more atoms chemically react to create a product
Acceleration change in velocity
Balanced Force When the Net force is 0
Force A push or a Pull
Speed how fast something goes
Velocity The speed and direction of the object
Unbalanced Force When an object is moving
Comet dust and rock particles mixed with ice
Meteor Meteroid that burns up in Earth's atmosphere
Asteroid piece of rock made up of similar materials of planets
meteorite meteroid that has hit earth
light year distance light travels one year
HR Diagram a scatter graph of stars
Created by: DayoungL