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Stack #519975

Beaker used to stir,mix or heat liquids
What should you do with your hair? tie it back
Triple Beam Balance used to find the mass of an object
_______ metals stay hot for a long time heated
proton postive charge, located in the necleus, large
electron negative charge, located in the electron cloud, small
atomic mass the weight of necleus, found in the periodic table
atomic number number of protons or electrons
3rd law of motion for every action, there is an equal and oppoite reaction
2nd law of motion F= M x A
1st law of motion an object in motion stays in motion unless acted apon by an unbalanced force. An object at rest stays at rest until acted apon by an unbalanced force.
chemical change wood burning
physical change cutting a person's hair
Li + Cl = ________ LiCl
8C + Ne + Mn3 = ___________ 8CNEMn3
Kids are playing tug a war. One girl is pulling at 5 newtons and anothr is pulling at 5 newtons. Is it unbalanced or balanced? balanced
13 newtons - 8 newtons 5 newtons
If mary is running at a speed of 3 m/h and she is running for 5 miles, how long is she running? 1.6
If vivianne runs for 5 minutes and goes a speed of 3 miles per hour, how far does she run? 15 miles
An acceleration graph must have _____ and ______ speed and distance
A speed graph must have _________ and _________ time and distance
What electromagnetic wave is at the very front(the highest)? gamma ray
What electromagentic wave is at the very end(the weakest)? radio
What is a light year? the distance light takes to travel
What are the 8 planets? Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, and Neptune
What are the 3 types of galaxies? Sprial, Ellipitcal, Irregular
What are characteristcs of an asteroid? varys in size, has a tail, orbit the sun, unchanged since it was formed, found in the asteroid belt?
What is our galaxies name? The Milky Way
Created by: viviannekeyser