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During the___ period(s), humans altered their habitats. D- All the above
All of the following issues involve environmental science except B- Asking people questions about the cost of various resources
Which country is most likely to have either a stabilized or a slowly growing population? B- Canada
_____ is a biodegradable material that becomes a pollutant if allowed to accumulate more rapidly than it can decompose. A- Plastic
An ecological footprint is the C- The amount of land and ocean an area needed to support one person.
A resident of _____ is likely to leave the largest ecological footprint. C- The United States
In which country is the population likely to be increasing most rapidly? A- Kenya
Using Scientific information from chemistry and biology to devise a plan to clean up a lake and make it healthy again describes B- Environmental Science
The fact that useful man-made substances can cause unforeseen damage is illustrated by D- All the above
Which of the following describes the depletion of a renewable resource? B- Intensive cultivation of farmland that exhausts soil nutrients
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