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Semester Exam

During what period did humans alter their habitats? hunter-gatherer, Industrial Revolution, & agricultural revolution
What was not a direct result of the industrial revolution? overhunting of large mammals
Which country's population is most likely to be increasing? Kenya
Using scientific information from chemistry and biology to devise a plan to clean up a lake and make it healthy again describes Environmental science
Why is the world's loss of biodiversity a source of concern? Humans depend on other organisms for food and oxygen
What is a biodegradable material that becomes a pollutant if allowed to accumulate more rapidly than it can decompose? newspaper
What describes the depletion of a renewable resource? intensive cultivation of farmland that exhausts soil nutrients
What does not involve environmental science? asking people questions about the cost of various resources
The fact that useful man-made substances can cause unforseen damage is illustrated by the detection of Oscillatoria rubencens in Lake Washington, the condition of the atmosphere's protective ozone layer, and the pollution of the Gulf of Mexico's farm chemicals
What country is most likely to have either a stabalized or slowly growing population? Canada
The classification and collection of data that are in form of numbers is called statistics
The group that does not receive the experimental treatment in an experiment is the control group
In an experiment,the factor of interest is called the variable
The average mass of a wolf in a pack of wolves is an example of mean
A model of a dinosaur is an example of what kind of model? physical
THe chance that an earthquake will occur in your town during the next year is an examlpe of what? risk
WHich step in the experimental method are scientists conductin when they photograph birds in flight? observing
Before you can make a decision using a decision-making model, what step must you make? Gather Information
Curiosity and imagination are important in science because they are abilities in scientists that help expand our knowledge
What essential characteristic does a good experiment have? A single variable is tested and a control is used
What is not one of the compositional layers of Earth? mesophere
Ozone is a molecule made up of 3 oxygen atoms
The most abundant gas in Earth's atmosphere is nitrogen
A fault is a break in the Earth's crust
How did the Himalaya Mountains form? coliding tectonic plates
The boundry between warm and cold water in an ocean or lake is thermocline
Volcanoes occur at tectonic plate boundaries that are coliding and seperating from one another
Deep currents flow along the ocean floor
The Richter scale best describes the magnitude of an earthquake
With resepct to matter Earth is mostly a closed system
The ozone layer is located in the stratosphere
The energy in most ecosystems from what? the sun
Which animal is successful because it moves quickly, reproduces rapidly, and has a waterproof external skeleton? ants
What algae's use energy from the sun to make food? seaweed, phytoplankton, and giant kelp
What describes soil and temperature in an ecosystem? Abiotic factors
One way that bacteria and fungi are important to the environment is that they break down dead organisms
If an insect can no longer be killed by a particular insecticide, it has developed what? resistance
Most bacteria including the kinds that cause disease and those found in garden soil, belong to what kingdom? eubacteria
The intial source of food in most ocean and freshwater ecosystems is phytoplankton
The intial source of food in most land ecosystems is plants
Pine trees and other conifers are classified as what because they are woody plants, the seeds of which are not enclosed in fruits? gymnosperms
Biomes with higher temperatures and less percipitation tend to have shorter and denser vegetation
The main factor that determines what type of plants grow in a biome is temperature and precipitation
Tropical rain forests are threatened by deforestation and the trade of rain forest plants and animals
If you visited a savanna, you would likely see large herds of grazing animals such as rhinos, gazelles, and giraffes
Which of the following is located primarily in coastal areas that have Mediterranean-style climates with warm dry summers and mild wet winters? chaparral
The deforestation of the rain forests may cause climate changes which in turn may affect habitat destruction
The tundra has a layer of soil that is permanetly frozen beneath the top soil
Which of the following adaptions are used my animals of the Artic tundra? rodents burrow underground for winter protection
biomes are usually described by their vegetation
The distance north or south of the equator as meausred in degrees is called latitude
What are the two main types of freshwater wetlands? marshes and swamps
What adaptation prevents phytoplankton from sinking into deep water? flagella
Estuaries are very productive ecosystems because they receive fresh nutrients from rivers and oceans
Swamps are commonly found on flat,poorly drained land
What causes most coastal pollution in the United States? Industrial waste and sewage
The types of organisms found in a pond or lake depend on the presence of nutrients temperature, the amount of sunlight available
As they flow down a mountain to flatter ground, rivers generally become slower, warmeer, and wider
The majority of marine organisms are found in shallow coastal waters
Which of the following is not an environmental function of wetlands increasing runoffs
Estuaries are ecosystems where both fresh water and salt water are present
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