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Science Dessert

Dessert for science project (Jessica Ouyang)

Density The amount of matter in a given area
Mass How much matter is in an object
Volume How much space an object takes up
Observation Using your senses to gain information
Inference Using your observations to make a reasonable guess
Group Elements that have similar physical / chemical properties
Period Horizontal row of elements with a gradual change in properties
Transition Elements Elements in the middle, all of which are metals
Representative Elements Elements on either end of the table
Law of Conservation of Matter Atoms can't be created or destroyed during a chemical reaction
Element Molecule Molecules with only one type of atom
Compound Molecule Molecules with two or more types of atoms
Synthesis Formation of a compound from simpler compounds or elements
Decomposition A compound that becomes a simpler compound/ elements
Single Replacement Chemical reaction where one element replaces another element in a compound
Double Replacement A chemical reaction between two compounds in which they form new compounds
HR Diagram Diagram that shows classification of stars by temperature and color
Main Sequence Star Yellow stars of average temperature and brightness such as the Sun
White Dwarf Star Stars that are small and very hot, but not very bright due to its size
Red Giant Star Stars that are large and bright due to its size, but not very hot on the outside
Light Year The distance light travels in one year
Meteor A meteoroid that burns up in Earth's atmosphere
Meteorite A meteoroid that strikes the surface of a moon or planet
Meteoroid Small particles of rock that float around in space
Acceleration How much an object is changing its speed over an amount of time
Force A push or a pull
Created by: o0204487