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Early Man and Enviro

Early Man and the Environment Study Guide

In the whole history of the earth, early man has been apart of it for a very ________ time. Short
Before 10<000 years ago, early man was a ______. nomad
He obtained his food by being a part of a __________ society. hunter gatherer
Impacts of early man before 10,000 years ago were exposure to _____ and _____ as well as killing off of sepcies. fire, smoke, killing off of species
10,000 years ago marked a turning point in which man now _____ and began obtaining his food by _____ and _____. settled, farming, herding
Man now really began to _____ the environment. impact
10,000 years ago marked the start of the _____ revolution. agricultural
5 things that impact this time period. exposer to smoke, garbage/sanitation, diet improved, deforestation, new disease
Diet improved during the agricultural revolution? True
Three ages have occurred with prehistoric/early man. True
Age 1 _____ Age-tools made from wood/stone. Stone
Age 2 _____ Age-tools made from alloys of tin and copper. Copper
Age 3 _____ Age-tools made from alloys of iron-ore. Iron
What happened with man's dwellings during these ages? They advanced in tools
Did the economics grow through these ages? Yes
Why were wars and piracy occurring through these ages? People were using up all the resources in that area.
When men moved into the Middle Ages of Discovery/Exploration man began to _____ resources of foreign lands. Three diseases also popped up. Exploit
The three diseases were: Malaria, small pox, & Cholera
The four goods that man was trading and fighting over during these times were: gold, spices, furs, exotic plants & animals
What was a sign of wealth during the Ages of Discovery and Exploration? How many plants or animals
Why did people have to constantly add to their collections? Cabinets were not a good type of preservation.
Name two examples of plants that were highly collected? sirus, orchids
The environmental issues that occurred during the Middle Ages and Ages of Discovery and Exploration were: scarce minerals, timber loss, raw materials, disease, soil erosion, exhaustion, disappearing species, disapperaing cultures, sanitation, garbage issues
Ages of Discovery/Exploration led to the _____ Revolution. industrial
_____ cities were growing everywhere leading to a transition of people moving away from _____. Huge, rural
Technology and transportation grew b/c of cheap resources of energy such as _____. Coal
Many products were made due to a large amount of _____ and a cheap _____. raw, labor force
Huge environmental issues developed during the IR. List the four we discussed. rats/disease, smoke, dangerous work conditions, drinking water
One good thing occurred with the IP. What was it? The beginning of environmental science and environmental health to develop.
The problems we have today pertaining to the environment can be traced as far back to the IR, but also to more recent ages such as the ages. Technology age, oil age, information age
Created by: bmccullough