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Lesson 4 Chinese 1


週末 Zhōumò: weekend
打球 Dă qiú: to play ball
Kàn: to watch, to look, to read
電視 Diànshì: television
唱歌兒 Chàng gēr: to sing a song
跳舞 Tiào wŭ: to dance
Tīng: to listen
音樂 Yīnyuè: music
Shū: book
Duì: right, correct
有的 Yŏude: some
時候 Shíhou: a point in time, moment
電影 Diànyĭng: movie
常常 Cháncháng: often
Nà: in that case, then
Qù: to go
外國 Wàiguó: foreign country
請客 Qĭng kè: to invite someone, to play host
昨天 Zuótiān: yesterday
所以 Suŏyĭ: so
Xiăo: small, little
好久 Hăo jiŭ: a long time
不錯 Búcuò: pretty good
Xiăng: to want to, would like to, to think
覺得 Juédi: to feel, to think
有意思 Yŏu yìsi: interesting
Zhĭ: only
睡覺 Shuì jiào: to sleep
算了 Suàn le: forget it, nevermind
Zhăo: to look for
別人 Biérén: other people, another person
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