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history exam midterm

Latitude imaginary horizantal line's that circle the world. 30 degreeses north or south
Longitude imaginary vertical line's that circle the earth 30 degreeses east and west
Equator an imaginary horizantal line, divides the hemisphere 0 degreeses north and south
Tropic of Cancer line of latitude above equator 23.5 degreeses north
Tropic of Capricorn line of latitude below the equator 23.5 degreeses south
Hemisphres divisions of globe into 4 section
Prime Meridian a imaginary verlical line, runs thru London
Rotation one complete spin of earths axis
Revolution one complete trip around the sun
Plate Tectonics theory that all plates used to be one, since moved apart to form continents
Ocean currents cold and warm currents patterns tat transfer temperatures to shores
Climate combination of weather and area
Westerlies winds that go west to east
Climate Regions humid subtropical, steppe/ area of similar temps, vegitation, and wildlife
Migration movement of people from one country to another or from within a country
Birth Rate amount of people born in one year per 1,000 people
Erosion prosses where wind, rain, water and ect wear away at earth surfaces
Trade Winds winds going east to west
Population Density amount of people per square mile
Population amount of people in a given area/ factors that determin:birth rate, health care, immigration, wars
Culture a way of life practiced by people in a given area ex:food, religion, art, music
Natural Resources resources found in nature in a given area ex:oil, gold, wind, water, and coal
Created by: b.wag