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Government-Unit 3

The Executive Branch, Moeder

What are the constitutional qualifications for presidency? The president must be 35 years of age, 14 years a resident of the United States, and a natural born citizen.
What are the implied qualifications for presidency? Previous experience in legislature and/or army, good education, politically moderate, money, and a clean background
What roles does the vice president play in the executive branch? President of Senate, so he has the tie breaker vote, meets with national security, and whichever other roles delegated to him by the president.
How does the electoral college work? November- States vote, and most popular candidate in state gets the electoral votes. December- Electors vote in state capitals. January- Votes transfered to senate where VP reads results.
Why should the electoral college be abolished? Person with popular vote can lose the electoral vote, People who vote for losing candidate basically have a void vote (winner take all system), Favors small states, and it's outdated
Defend the use of the electoral college It's tradition, keeps candidates campaigning in smaller states, acts as a check on the system, and is better for the states
Explain the "conflict of interest" in the president's cabinet Advisors affected by outside influences/loyalties, they are political appointees, and there's a trust issue with keeping things secret.
Explain the EOP Est. 1839 by Roosevelt. Members don't need senate approval and are generally confided in by president more. 3 Main Depts.: OMB, CEA, NSC
What are the roles of the president? Commander in Chief (head of military/navy), Chief Executive (enforces laws), Chief Diplomat (foreign policy), Chief Legislature (agenda setter), Party Leader (keeps party organized, supports party candidates)
What are the 6 "styles of leadership"? Understanding the public, Ability to communicate, Sense of timing, Openness to new ideas, Ability to compromise, and Political courage
Defend the presidential style: Understanding the Public Understanding/knowing the wants and needs of the U.S. citizens allows you to make decisions the majority would approve of.
Defend the presidential style: Ability to Communicate Good at public speaking (delivering speeches, press releases, press conferences), gains trust of the people and gives appearance that you know what you're doing and talking about.
Defend the presidential style: Sense of Timing Knowing the right time to initiate a policy or take action can help to prevent public unrest
Defend the presidential style: Openness to New Ideas Welcoming various viewpoints allows the president to cover concerns and ideas from all different types of people within the country
Defend the presidential style: Ability to Compromise Compromising on ideas and decisions shows that the president is more for the people than for himself being right.
Defend the presidential style: Political Courage Sticking to ideas and taking a political stand show strength and conviction in your ideas and beliefs, which makes for a strong president
Is executive privilege constitutional? Yes-President has a right to privacy. Congress shouldn't be allowed to pry into his affairs. No- Presidents work concerns the U.S. people and should be shared upon request.
Were the results of the election of 2008 good or bad for the American people? Good- Having a democratic Congress and president allowed Obama to get things done quicker because the body generally shared his beliefs Bad- minority party was not being represented, and the people who disagreed with his plan didn't have a big enough say
What powers does the president have? Veto acts of congress, pardon person of a federal crime, decide foreign policy, ensures laws are carried out, plan federal budget
What powers does the president NOT have? Declare war, make laws, cut taxes, Fire members of congress, call off an election
How much does the president make? $400,000 a year
Cabinet A group of political appointees who have the most access to the president (political advisors), and whom the president turns to for advice.
Veto The check of the executive branch, by which the president can say no to an act of legislature from Congress.
Executive Privilege The presidents right to resist intervention by the other branches/ doesn't have to turn over files unless proven necessary
Pocket Veto If the president doesn't sign or veto a bill within 14 days, it automatically becomes law. But if he doesn't sign/veto and Congress adjourns it is automatically vetoed.
Number of electoral votes from Connecticut 7
Executive Order An order by the president that is carried out like law, such as FDR with the Japanese holding camps
Executive Agreement Agreement between U.S. president and foreign head of state(s) to perform a certain action or take a specific stand on an issue
Presidential Succession The 25th amendment, which details who will take power should the president be able to fulfill his duties
Presidential Appointments People the president appoints to positions, such as judges and embassadors, some of which must be approved by the Senate
Pardons The erasing of a crime from record by president based on faulty conviction and/or repayment to society
Impeachment Process A 2 step process: Majority in House of Reps. to try the charges, then a 2/3 vote in Senate to indite
Civil Service The idea that the president and other political officials are servants of the people
Patronage When a position is given to someone on the basis of their support to the party
Executive Office of the President People appointed by the president that don't need to be apprved by the Senate, so are usually closer to the president and he will confide in them more
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