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Med Term chp 15

blephar/o eyelid
conjuctiv/o conjunctiva
corne/o conrnea
iridi/o iris
pupill/o pupil
sclera hardening
blepharitis inflammation of the eyelids
blepharoptosis drooping eyelids
ectropion out-turned lower eyelid - lashes point down
entropion in-turned - lashes face to cornea
xerophthalmia dry eyes
exophthalmos bulging eyeballs
mydriasis widening of pupil to allow in more light
miosis closing of the pupil to keep out light, too much light
retina thin layer, innermost part of the eye
anisocoria uneven pupil size
glaucoma increased pressure within the chamber of the eye
hyphema blood in the anterior chamber of the eye
aphakia removal of lens for cataract
cataract clouding of the lens
presbyopia aging problems of old eyes
color blindness genetic condition cones are absent or too few
diabetic retinopathy due to diabetes chronic progressive - new blood vessels leak
papilledema inflammation and edema of optic disk
retinal detachment gradual to sudden vision loss
retinitis pigmentosa inherited abnormality- loss of color vision or night vision, or loss of central or peripheral vision
nystagmus involuntary rapid movement of eye
esotropia cross-eyed
exotropia wall-eyed
astigmatism misshapen cornea
hyperopia farsighted - can focus on things far away, not near
myopia nearsighted - can focus on near things, not far
amblyopia lazy eye
diplopia double vision
blepharoplasty surgical repair of eyelid
enucleation removal of eyeball (for cancer)
EOM extra ocular movement
IOL intraocular lens
IOP intraocular pressure
VF visual field
PERRL/PERRLA pupils equal, round, reactive to light & accommodation
Created by: christiethoreson