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October 17 test


How many members in House? 435
Congress' 3 roles authroise fed gov. to do something: bill or appropriation (give $ to do what they authorize), oversight-look @ all fed. programs to see if done correctly, investigations- deals w/ nat. problems not realating to gov.
cloture votre vote to end fillibuster
adhoc committee temorary committee
closed rule can't be changed
standing committee meets all the time- backbone of congress, meets whenever Congress meets
jobs of standing committees authorization, oversight, investigation
select committees acting, ethics, indian affairs, intellegence (only meets when there is a problem)
minor committees rules and administration, small business, veterans' affairs
major committees finance, judiciary, agriculture
standing committees of the house appropriations(determine amount of $ every fed. program gets on an annual basis), rules (sets conditions for bill on House floor), ways and means (all tax bills and social security bills)
any member may serve on how many major standing committees? 1
How do you get on standing committees? senate must be on 2-3 committees (no limit, that is the norm)
House can be on how many committees? 2 (one major, one minor OR 2 minors)
caucus group of people with the same interest
How many cauci in the house? 4 (H. Rep. H. Dem. S. Rep. S. Dem.)
Who determines how many are representatives? House
All committes must have the same % of people
Where do REpublicans send their resume to committees on committees
What is on the resume? years in house (seniority),what is in your state that you need to cover
What does the whip do? gives messcages from backbenchers to majorite leaver, says political agenda of the party
Who elects leadership positions? caucus
What must House minority leavers do? be a compromiser, look good on TV, be articulate
backbenchers people with little seniority
What is the order of the gov. jobs? speaker, majority leader, whip
What power does the gatekeeper have? none
who is the president of the senate? the v.p.
President pro tempore the person who takes over gatekeepers job what they are not there
Overall have there been more minorities and females elected to the Senate or the House? House
Since the 1970s which of the first 3 catergories listed is represented the most in the senate? female
what occupation is represented the most in the house? law
What occupation is represented the most in this senate? law
During what decade, did the number of congrssional workers dramatically increase? 70s
When did the staff of the House committees take a dramatic turn in the overall trend of this chart? after republicans come in- 1995
What has been the overall trend in private bills going through congress? decreasing
What generalization can you develop about the 104th congress about the number of bills they dealt with? they wre less dealt with
What is the overall trend in party unity starting in the 1980s and going through 2000? the amount of party unity is increasing
In which decate was it hardest to achieve a party vote of 90% of it's members? 70s
Republicans did what to the number of committees reduced them
OMS office of management and budget
appropriations process to get all gov. agenices to say how much $ they need for the year
president looks at what in appropriations process? the total budget # to increase or decrease spending
budget resolution total amount of $ you want to spend next year by the fed. gov.
How many parts is the budget divided into? 13
reconciliation bill if spending is more than taxes(revenue)
96 budget battle stops gov. because did not meet oct. 1st deadline
continuing resolution short term spending blls, allows each week
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