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Emergency Medi

what are the ABCDE of trauma airway, breathing, circulation, disability/exposure
components of glasgow coma scale, number of points for each Eye opening (1-4), Motor (1-6), verbal (1-5)
components of eye portion of glasgow coma scale 1=doesn't open eyes, 2=opens to pain, 3=opens to command, 4=opens spont
components of motor portion of glasgow coma scale 1=no mvmt, 2=decerebrate (extension), 3=decorticate (flexion), 4=wdrawal from pain, 5=localizes pain, 6=motor on command
components of verbal portion of glasgow coma scale 1=none, 2=insensible, 3=inapprop words, 4=confusion, 5=appropriate and oriented
oriented x3 refers to person, place, time
what is fluid replacement ratio for lost blood in trauma 3:1 (NS or LR)
what are 3 zones of neck 1=below cricoid, 3=above angle of mandible
tx for penetrating trauma to 3 zones of neck 1=aortography, 2=2D doppler and exploration as needed, 3=aortography and triple endoscopy
tx for penetrating trauma to thorax unstable pts need intubation and bilateral chest tubes; thoracotomy if remain unstable
tx gunshot to abd? Stab wound? gun shot=ex lap; stab wound=ex lap if unstable or peritoneal signs (otherwise CT or focused abd sonography for trauma (FAST))
diaphragmatic rupture more often occurs on L or R L (liver protects it on R)
tx for musculoskel if no neurovascular injury debride and repair, if vascular need arteriogram first
what's best for prophyl infxn musculo skel penetrating trauma early irrigation and debridement > Abx (although Abx and tetanus given)
descibe 1st, 2nd, 3rd degree burns 1=epidermic, painful, no blisters; 2=partial dermis, painful, blisters; 3=full dermis, painless, area is white and charred
formula for estimating burn area head and ea arm ea 9%, back and chest ea 18%, palm 1%
how much fluid for burn victim parkland formula: 4x pt wgt x%BSA; give 1/2 in 1st 8 hrs, the other 1/2 in the remaining 16
should IV Abx be given to burn? What is MC infxn no; Pseudo
when trxr burn pt to burn center full thick >5%, partial >10%, full or partial covers critical areas, chemical, electrical, lightning, inhalation injury
red cheeks, fused dilated pupils, drowsy--what toxin? Tx? anti His OD, give physiostigmine
N/V, sz, fused dilated pupils--what toxin? Tx? anti His OD, give physiostigmine
dilated responsive pupils, dry mucus membranes, confusion/drowsy TCA OD, watch for widened QRS and arrhyth, give bicarb and furosemide to help flush out
dilated reactive pupils w incrsd HR, F, agitation sympathomimetric OD (ie decongestant, amphethamines, cocaine)
pinpoint pupils, low HR, BP opiate OD, give naloxone
cramping abd pain, emesis, confusion, sweating organophosphate poisoning, give atropine followed by pralidoxime
N/V, F, incrsd RR, agitation w metabolic acidosis, tinnitus ASA OD, give Na bicard and acetazolamide
how does Bengay or oil of wintergreen OD present? same as ASA OD, w metabolic acid and respir alk
what does Fe OD cause (in stages) first F, abd (abd pain, vomit, diarrhea, GI bldg), then metabolic acidosis and circ collapse (DIC, renal and liver failure)
tx of Fe OD can do gastric lavage if <1hr, deferox (charcoal won't bind)
antidote for benzos flumanezil
which are caustic acids? Caustic bases? acids=toilet cleaner, bases=bleach, drain cleaner, luandry detergent
what toxin causes pt to see a snow storm MetOH and windshield wiper fluid
what's in antifreeze? What does ingestion cause? CNS depression, ketones in serum and urine, metabolic acidosis and AG
what's the antidote for CCB or BB OD glucagon
what's the antidote for sulfonyl urea OD octreotide or glucagon
nystagmus, ataxia, hypersalivation--what OD? PCP
how does heroine OD typically present pin point pupils, low HR BP and somnolent
what can't you use charcoal for Fe, Li, alcohols (incl EtGlycol, MetOH), K+, arsenic…and don't use for caustic ingestions
what is the mech of acetaminophen OD damage depletion of glutathione
how tx digitalis OD special Ig
very red skin, confusion, N/V, retinal hemorr, incrsd RR and HR CO poison (even though PaO2 may appear nml)
what 3 sets of Rx present w dilated pupils stimulants (cocaine, amphet), antichol (anti-His, TCA), hallucin (LSD, PCP)
what are 2 exs of Rx classes that present with pinpoint pupils OD opioids, incl heroin, and cholinergic (sedatives,
Created by: ehstephns
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