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U2 Jeopardy Quiz I

Northeastern States

The largest bay on the Atlantic coast, actually an estuary, which divides Maryland into two sections. Chesapeake Bay
The important river formedat Pittsburgh from the junction of the Allegheny and Monongahela rivers Ohio River
the boundary at which eastward-flowing rivers fall over the edge of the Piedmont onto the Atlantic Coastal Plain fall line
a plateau of rolling hills, crossed by rivers, that lies between the Atlanic Coastal Plain and the Appalachians Piedmont Plateau
the river that separates the Green Mountains and the White Mountains, and in whose valley tobacco is grown Connecticut River
The naturally beautiful hilly area comprised of six states, which was one of the first parts of the United States to be settled and industrialized New England
The area in which sandy soils, milder winters, and proximity to markets promote truck farming Atlantic Coastal Plain
the reason for the growth of early industries at the fall line and in New England Hydroelectric power
Hard coal, found near Scranton and Wilkes-Barres in Pennsylvania, which heats well but is difficult to mine Anthracite
Waterfalls on the river connecting Lake Erie and Lake Ontario, which produces much hydroelectric power for the area Niagara Falls
The tree that grows in the northern part of this region and yields a sap used for sugar, syrup, and candy Maple Tree
A hard rock used in fine architecture, which is quarried in Vermont, as are slate and granite Marble
The nations's largest inland port, situated at the juction of three rivers Pittsburg, Pennsylvania
the type of farming suited to poorer soil, a short growing season, hilly land, and nearness to markets dairy farming
the area which, together with the coastal waters off Cape Cod, accounts for a large share of the nation's catch of fish and shellfish Chesapeake Bay
Once responsible for the growth of shipbuilding in the Northeast, the resource that is now used largely for pulp and paper lumber
A major industry of New England, due to the area's snowcovered mountains, beautiful scenery, extensive coastline, and historic interest tourism
the crop for which Maine's Aroostook Valley is famous potatoes
The planned city located between Maryland and Virgina, but not a part of either state, which is the U.S. capital and whose business is government Washington, D.C.
The area of New York City that, because of its stock exchanges, many banks, and commercial offices, is the world's greatest financial center Wall Street
The commercial industry in which the states of New York and Connecticut lead the nation Insurance
The area in whch traditional industries have declined the most but are being replaced by new and varied industries New England
Technical products manufactured in the Northeast, such as computers and scientific instruments electronic equipment
the Chemical Capital of the world because it serves as headquarters for many chemical companies and has many research laboratories Wilmington, Delaware
The largest city in the United States and a national center of trading, manufacturing, communication, education, finance, and culture New York City
The City of Brotherly Love, the region's second largest city, a great port and manufacturing center, which boasts a rich historical heritage Philadelphia, PA
A major port of New England, a leading industrial city for fishing, printing, and finance, and a major center of learning and health Boston, Massachusetts
The name for a continuous urban area where one metropolitan area merges with the next megalopolis
that which city dwellers take with them when they move into the suburbs, creating serious problems for the cities tax revenues
An organization of world nations, with headquarters in New York City, that works for peace, cooperation, and development United Nations
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