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ATI PHARM unit 5

chapter questions-meds affecting nervous system

Which of the following nursing interventions is most effective inpromoting excretion of a general anesthetic agent from a postsurgical client? Assist to turn, cough, and deep breathe. (general anesthetics are excreted through the lungs. Turning, coughing and deep breathing will assist in excretion through this route.
A clts plasma litium level is 0.2 mEq/L. The nurse can expect to implement which of the follwoing nursing interventions? Administer an additional oral dose of lithium. (level is subtherapeutic and the clt should be given an additional dose.
nurse is teaching parents of child taking methylphenidate(ritalin) for ADHD how to administer the med. Which response is most correct? A. give med at bedtime. B. D/c med when feeling better? C. Admin OTC for flu. D. Provide child w/nutritious diet. D. Provide child w/nutritious diet and snacks b/w meals. (med can supress appetite so important that child is eating.
A client starting phenelzine(nardil) for tx of depression should be monitored for what effects? Orthostatic hypotension. (side effect of MAOI)
Nurse is providing teaching to clt who is starting amitriptyline (elavil) for tx of depression. Which should be included? Clt can minimize orthostatic hypotension by getting up slowly. Chew sugarless gum to prevent dry mouth.
Teaching for a clt taking high doses of phenytoin (Dilantin)for a seizure disorder should include Practicing good hygiene, using a soft toothbrush, and flossing daily. (gingival hyperplasia can occur w/phenytoin use. Good oral hygiene can minimize effects.)
A clt taking valproic acid (Depakote) for seizure control tells the nurse that he drinks a 6-pack of beer a day. What priority assessment should take place? Liver function studies. (detect hepatotoxicity.)
Which of the following foods should be avoided by a client who is taking an MAOI? Cheese (contains tyramine)
Neostigmine(prostigmin) side effects and tx Excessive muscarinic stimulation and respiratory depression that can be treated with atropine.
Succinylcholine(anectine) side effect and tx Muscle pain in the upper body and back that can be treated w/a short-term muscle relaxant, such as (valium)
Levodopa (dopar) side effects and tx Psychosis as evidenced by visual hallucinations that can be treated w/antipsychotic meds Clozapine(Clozaril)
Phenytoin(Dilantin) side effects and tx Gingival hyperplasia managed w/good oral hygiene
Lidocaine(xylocaine)side effects and tx Spinal headache: advise the clt to lie flat for 12hr postsurgery.
Halothane(fluothane)side effects and tx Malignant hyperthermia that can be treated w/dantrolene to lower metabolic activity of skeletal muscle.
fluoxetine(prozac) side effects and tx Sexual dysfunction that can be managed w/lowering the dosage, d/c the med temporarily(med holiday)use of adjunct med to increase sexual function (viagra and buspar)
Phenelzine(Nardil)side effects and tx Hypertensive crisis that can be treated w/alpha-adrenergic blocker to induce rapid vasodilation.
Lithium side effects and tx Hyperthyroidism that can be treated w/admin of a thyroid hormone, such as levothyroxine(synthroid)
Chlorpromazine(Thorazine) side effects and tx Early EPS that can be controlled w/anticholinergic meds.
Created by: krislynn