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Chapter 3 Sententiae

Stack #51579

verba volant, scripta manent (spoken) words fly (away), written words remain
duabus sellis sedere to sit on two seats
quod vide which see
vide infra / vide supra see below / see above
videlicet (viz.) it is permitted to see
veni, vidi, vici I came, I saw, I conquered
audi, vide, tace, si vis vivere in pace Listen, see and be silent, if you wish to live in peace
audi alteram partem hear the other side
cadit quaestio the question falls
currente calamo with pen running (on)
ducit amor patriae love of country guides (me)
terra firma solid ground
terra incognita an unknown land
terra es, terram ibis dust thou art, to dust thou shalt return
terrae filius a son of the soil
nullius filius no one's son
albae galinae filius the son of a white hen
Qualis pater, talis filius like father, like son
in nomine patris et filii et spiritus sancti in the name of the Father and the son and the holy ghost
senex bis puer an old man (is) twice a boy
ad infinitum to infinity
ad nauseam to (the point of) disgust
ad hoc for this (purpose)
ad interim (ad int.) in the meantime
ad libitum (ad lib.) at (one's) pleasure
ad rem to the thing / to the matter at hand
ad hominem to / against the man
ad astra per aspera to the stars through hardship
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