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Latin Vocab 2

Stack #51577

quamquam although
ipse, ipsa, ipsum himself, herslef, themselves
quidam, qaedam, quoddam a certain
nobis for us, to us
id quod that which
eo, ire, ii or ivi, iturus to go
abeo, abire, abii or abivi, abiturus to go away
absum, abesse, afui, afuturus to be away, to be absent, to be distant
possum i can, i am able to
potest he/she/it is able to, can
cista, cistae trunk, chest
porta, portae gate
filia, filiae daughter
liberi, liberorum children
equus, equi horse
raedarius, -i coachman, driver
baculum, -i stick, staff
vicilus, -i overseer, farm manager
dominus, -i master, owner
filius, filii son
numerus, -i number
iter, itineris journey
nox, noctis night
parents, parentis parent
frater, fratris brother
soror, sororis sister
uxor, uxoris wife
nullus, -a, -um no, none
miser, misera, miserum unhappy, miserable, wretched
alius, alia, aliud another, other
sceletus, -a, -um wicked
plenus, -a, -um full
nunc now
mox soon, presently
deinde then, next
celeriter quickly
iterum again, a second time
simul together, at the same time
hic here
cras tomorrow
ibi there
verbero... to beat, whip
incito... to spur on, urge on, drive
iubeo... to order, bid
soleo... to be accustomed to, to be in the habit of
habeo... to have, to hold
tenteo... to hold
pono.. to put, place
gero... to wear
promitto... to promise
discedo... to depart, to go away
induo... to put on
fugio... to flee
interea meanwhile
iacio... to throw
excipio... to recieve, catch, welcome
invenio... to come upon, find
impedio... to hinder, prevent
Age! come on!
Cave! watch out! Be careful! Beware!
quid agis? how are you?
fero, ferre, tuli, latus to bring, carry, bear
canis, canis dog
bonus, -a, -um good
immobilis, -is, -e motionless
rogo... to ask
traho... to drag, pull
arripio... to grab hold of, snatch, seize
Created by: emmamalo