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Med Term chp 13

ovaries oophor/o held in place by Broad ligaments
fallopian tubes salping/o
uterus uter/o (womb)fund/o fundus, farthest from the opening hyster/o metri/o metr/o
vagina colp/o vagin/o short tube-like structure
breasts mamm/o mamm/a mast/o
menstruation menstru/o
men/o month
menstru/o monthly discharge of blood
oogenesis o/o ovum or egg, gen/o arising from or produced by
metrorrhagia uterus hemoraging - heavy bleeding at other than normal time
CIS carcinoma in situ -cancer hasn't spread
cerclage proceedure to keep uterus closed during preg. until delivery time
cystocele bladder (bulging) hernia into vaginal wall
rectocele rectum pushing against vaginal wall
dyspareunia painful sexual intercourse
vaginismus spasm
peau d'orange typical outward sign of breast cancer - skin looks like orange peel
galacorrhea discharge of mile when not prg. or brstfdg
D & C dilation & curettage - curet used to scrape off tissue from inside of uterus
hysterectomy removal of uterus
hysterotomy opening of uterus - cut into to remove something
endometriosis migration of endomitrial tissue out of uterus
leiomyoma smooth muscle tumor - usually benign
leiomyosarcoma cancer of smooth muscle
myometritis muscle of uterus imflammed
PID pelvic inflammatory disease often caused by STD migrate out fallopian tube into open
retroflexion uterus tipped back
uterine prolapse uterus starts to come out of vagina - sag out of position
amenorrhea without monthly flow
oligomenorrhea scanty periods
DUB dysfunctional uterine bleeding
dysmenorrhea painful period cramps
menorrhagia heavy flow during normal period excessive
metrorrhagia heavy bleeding at time other than normal period
menometrorrhagia constant heavy bleeding - excessive discharge or flow
colposcopy looking at vagina w/ lighted scope
colporrhaphy repair of vagina
culdoscopy looking behind cervix into blind pouch
laparoscopy to see abdominopelvic cavity w/ lighted instrument
myomectomy removal of muscle payer
tubal ligation sterilization procedure
abruptio placenta starts to tear away from uterine wall
placenta previa covering part or all of cervix, over opening
CPD cephalopelvic disproportionment - head too big to fit through pelvis
dystocia difficult/prolonged labor
prolapsed cord cord comes out before baby - right to C-section
SAB spontaneous abortion
TAB therapeutic abortion - pg. terminated
uterine inertia uterus not returning to normal size after delivery
AROM artificial removal of membrane
Bx biopsy
CIS carcinoma in situ - cancer not spreading
EDC expected date of confinement
EMB endomertial biopsy
FHR fetal heart rate
LGA large for gestational age
NSVD normal spontaneous vaginal delivery
Pap Papanicolaou (smear or test)
PMS premenstrual syndrome
PMDD premenstrual dysphoric disorder - pms + depression anxiety mood shifts
PROM premature rupture of membranes
SROM spontaneous rupture of membranes
TAH-BSO total abdominal hysterectomy and bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy
Created by: christiethoreson