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Inventors you need to know

Greek mathematician and inventor, built siege-engine and eponymous screw for raising water Archimedes
Scottish-born American inventor, produced first telephone Alexander Graham Bell
German engineer and car manufacturer who developed the two-stroke engine, 1844-1929 Karl Benz
French aviator and inventor, made first flight across English channel, invented auto lights Louis Bleriot
German, 1912-77, Rocket pioneer, perfected V-2 rockets, came to US and developed Explorer I satellite Vernher von Braun
French photgraphic pioneer, 1789-1851, developed process to make photographs Louis Daguerre
German egineer, 1858-1913, began work on internal combustion engines, demonstrated first practical compression ignition engine Rudolph Diesel
American inventor, 1847-1931, more than 1000 patents, including gramophone, light bulb, and kinematoscope Thomas A. Edison
American engineer, 1895-1983, discovered energetic/synergetic geometry, Tensegrity structures, developed Geodesic Domes Buckminster Fuller
German printer, regarded as inventor of printing, 1400-68 Johannes Gutenberg
American inventor who built first practical sewing machine, 1819-67 Elias Howe
American inventor known for discoveries relating to Polaroid photos and built the first helicopter Edwin Land
Croatian-American physicist, 1856-1943, worked at Edison's labs at Menlo Park, invented improved dynamo, transformer, electric bulb and high-frequency coil that bears his name Nikola Tesla
Scottish engineer, 1736-1819, improved the steam engine, unit of electric power isnaemed after him James Watt
American engineer, 1846-1914, invented air-brake for trains, pioneered use of AC power George Westinghouse
American inventor of cotton gin in 1793, devised process that mad einterchangeable musket parts possible Eli Whitney
Created by: betsynewmark