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Oberving States

Observing States of Matter, Chapter 2, Inv. 1 & 2

What is the ability to cause change? engery
What is the change of state from a liquid to gas? evaporation
What are the 3 states of matter? solid, liquid, and gas
What 2 things is involved in a change of state? heat and energy
What are 4 expamples of solids? tree, glasses, kitten and hair
What are 4 examples of liquids? water, mountain dew, no definate, shape
What are 3 expamples of gas? oxgyen, steam, and
What has a definate shape and its particles vibrate but do not move around? solid
What takes on the shape of container particles and moves slowly? liquid
What fills up the space in a container and its particles move quickly? gas
What causes ice to change from a solid to a liquid?
slipery, wet, cold, light, melting and clear record
The ice cube in the sun melted quicker than the ice cube in the shade. record
What are clouds made of? tiny drops of liquid water, water.
What kind of changes make rain drops appear?
What happens when ice is surrounded by heat? ice melts
clear drops of water form on the can? record
solid, liquid, gas. The physical property of a sample of matter. states of matter
any material made up of only one kind of matter. element
the smallest part of an element that still has the properties of that element. Call _________ in a particular element are the same. atom
one of two letters that stand for the name of the element. chemical symbol
one of two letters that stand for the name of the element. chemical symbol
one of two letters that stand for the name of the element. chemical symbol
a term used to describe elements that are valuable. precious
a kind of matter made up of two or more elements that are joined together. (H2O) compound
is a group of symbols that show the kind and number of each element in a single unit of compound. H20 chemical formula
the part of a refrigerator in which the HFC gas relecer had as it condinces changing back to a liquid. condenser
ability to cauces changes energy
Describe the particles actions in the three states of Matter?
A single grain of salt is made up of what? millions of sodium and chlorine atoms
Describe the movement of heat energy. heat energy always moves from warmer to cooler matter. So matter cools down by losing heat not by ______?________ cold.
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