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Plant Needs

Plant Needs & Adaptation 4th grade

Water loss from a plant due to evaporation is transpiration
Sprout is another word for ________ germinate
A substance a plant needs in order to grow is a ________. nutrient
The way a plant makes food is_________. photosynthesis
A root system that has many roots of the same size is made up of __________. spores
Tiny reproductive cells of ferns are _______. spores
The part of a flower where seeds form is the _______. stamen
Pollen is made by the _____ of a flower. pistil
When broad-leafed trees shed all their leaves in the fall, they are entering a period of ______. dormancy
The movement of pollen to the pistil of a flower is called _________. pollination
The four things plants need to live are _____. air, nutrients(soil), water, and light
What provides the energy for photosynthesis to take place? sunlight
What adaptations do cacti have for life in the desert? roots grow near the surface to collect water, and the thick stems hold water for the plant to use during dry periods.
What would happen if there were no carbon dioxide in the air? Photosynthesis could not take place then plants could not make food and could not give off oxygen. Then plants and animals would die.
Out of the four things plants need to live, which one provides the most nutrients Soil
A plant with a thick stem for storing water would probably grow in the __________ desert
Transpiration by plants could help form rain clouds
A seed eaten by a bird may germinate far from where it was eaten
Why do you think photosynthesis is one of the most important processes on Earth? It provides the oxygen that animals, including humans, need to live. Plants also use photosynthesis to make food that other living things eat.
The fact that plants have many ways to spread seeds can cause problems for gardeners. Why is this? Seeds of unwanted plants such as weeds can easily get into garden areas.
Created by: Nancyrescigno