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Sociology - Media

Review of movies and articles from the past month.

What did the "End of Poverty?" movie discuss? It covered workers in a multitude of countries and job levels that earned less than $16 a day or sometimes pay was held way beyond time.
What did the "A Class Divided" movie discuss? the division between blue eyed and brown eyed children in comparison to blacks v. whites following the death of MLK jr.
What did the "Crips and Bloods: Made in America" movie discuss? Black youth were segregated and fed up with the conditions they rioted and brought about the development of gangs.
Watts Riot of 1965 large social riot in August 1965, stemmed from a confrontation between officer and black pedestrian, crowds began to form and riot in the streets broke out.
Rodney King riot of 1992 following the release of police video in which officers beat Rodney King, Mass riots broke out. Larger and spread further than the Watts riot. the RLA promised to rebuild but failed - this failed promise of peace between crips & bloods turned violent.
Created by: KateKfoxx