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Sociology - CH 9

Sociology chapter 9

Nature v. Nurture Gender v. Sex. Sex is biological, Gender is nurture. How you're taught to behave.
Define the Cult of Domesticity prescribed way of how to be as a woman. To "obey" to be a "care giver". Displayed in Stepford HouseWives
Define Pink Collar Sector Low paying, female dominated roles. They are usually support positions "teachers, nurses"
Gender Socialization the learning of gender roles with the help of social agencies such as the family and the media.
Gender Stratification Men’s and Women’s unequal access to power, prestige and property. They are labeled based upon the unequal access to the above mentioned.
Breadwinner / Homemaker model guy is the bread winner; the woman is the home maker. Traditionally portrayed in 1950s-1970s TV.
Define 2nd Shift working an 8 hour day then returning home to work another 8 hour day cleaning.
Define Sandwich Generation not only are you taking care of your own children but your parents as well.
Social construction of Gender rejects all biological bases for gender differences.
Gender Typing women holding occupations of lower status and pay such as secretarial and retail positions. Men holding higher status & paying jobs.
Theoretical perspectives of Gender Inequality
Created by: KateKfoxx