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Exam 3 Fundamentals Med Admin

Activity and exercise Antihypertensives Antiarrhythmics Inotropes Antianginals Anticoagulants Bronchodilators Decrease blood pressure Regulate heart rhythm Strengthen cardiac contraction Increase coronary blood flow Decrease clot formation Open airways
Nutrition and metabolism Antibiotics Antiemetics Antacids Insulin Corticosteroids Thyroid Vitamins and minerals Decrease or prevent infection, nausea, gastric acidity, blood glucose levels, inflammation Regulate metabolic rate Supplement inadequate dietary intake
Elimination Laxatives Antidiarrheals Diuretics Promote stool evacuation Decrease diarrhea Increase urine production and elimination
Sleep and Rest Sedatives, hypnotics Induce sleep
Cognition and Perception Analgesics Antipsychotics Decrease pain Decrease psychotic symptoms (e.g., hallucinations)
Coping and Stress Tolerance Antianxiety agents Antidepressants Decrease anxiety Decrease depression
Sexuality and Reproduction Ovarian hormones Provide hormone replacement Provide birth control
Capsule Gelatinous container to hold powder or liquid medicine; oral
Elixir Liquid preparation of medication with alcohol base; oral
Emulsion Suspension within an oil base; oral
Enteric Coating Coating that causes drug absorption in intestines rather than the stomach; prevents stomach irritation; oral
Lozenge (troche) Tablet held in the mouth to be dissolved; oral
Powder Finely ground drug; frequently mixed with liquid before administration; oral
Spansule Timed-release drug capsule, which dissolves more slowly to provide an effect over a long period;oral
Suspension Medication in liquid, which must be shaken before administration because it separates; oral
Syrup Medicine dissolved in sugar and water; oral
Tablet Compressed hard disk of powdered medication; may be scored for easy breaking; may be sugar coated or have film coating for cohesion; oral
Tincture Potent solution with alcohol base made from plants; dosage usually small; oral
Cream Nongreasy, semisolid preparation for topical application; topical
Gel/Jelly Translucent or clear semisolid substance that liquefies when applied to the skin; topical
Liniment Oily liquid used on the skin; topical
Lotion Emollient liquid, clear solution or suspension, which is applied to the skin; topical
Ointment Drug combined with oil base for external application; topical
Paste Thick ointment used for local application to the skin; topical
Suppository Medicine contained within a gelatinous base (shaped for easy insertion into the body), which dissolves at body temperature, slowly releasing the drug; topical
Transdermal patch Medicine in a patch, which, when applied to the skin, permits gradual, controlled absorption; topical
aloe latex Constipation; heals bowel inflammation Binds with other drugs, decreasing absorption; hypokalemia; toxicity for some cardiac medications
Dong Quai Relieves hot flashes Increased bleeding, especially when used in combination with other anticoagulants
Echinacea Improves immune function and wound healing; fights flu and colds Possible liver inflammation and damage when used with anabolic steroids or methotrexate
Ephedra (Ma-Huang) Improves respiratory function in asthma or bronchitis; diet aid and appetite suppressant Could severely increase pulse or blood pressure when taken with antidepressants or antihypertensive agents, possibly causing death
Feverfew Prevents migraines, treats allergies, and manages arthritis and rheumatic disease Increased bleeding, especially when used in combination with anticoagulants
Garlic Lowers cholesterol, triglycerides, and blood pressure Increased bleeding, especially when used in combination with anticoagulants
Ginger Decreases nausea, vomiting, and vertigo Increased bleeding, especially when used in combination with anticoagulants
Ginkgo biloba Improves memory and mental alertness; increased circulation and oxygenation Increased bleeding, especially when used in combination with anticoagulants
Ginseng Increases physical stamina and mental concentration May increase heart rate and blood pressure; may cause bleeding in some women after menopause; decreases effectiveness of anticoagulant medications
Goldenseal Decreases inflammation and acts as a laxative May increase blood pressure or cause swelling
kava-kava Muscle relaxant, decreases nervousness and anxiety Prolongs the effects of some anesthetic agents; increases side effects of some antiseizure medications; may increase suicide risk for depressed clients; enhances effects of alcohol
licorice Treats stomach ulcers May cause hypertension, swelling, and electrolyte imbalances
Saw palmetto Treats urinary inflammation and enlarged prostate Interacts with other hormone therapies
St. Johns Wart Treats mild to moderate depression, anxiety, and sleep disorders May prolong effects of anesthetic agents
Valerian Mild sedative or sleep aid; muscle relaxant May prolong effects of anesthetic agents or increase the side effects of antiseizure medications
Controlled Substance Category I High abuse potential No accepted medical useā€”for research, analysis, or instruction only
Controlled Substance Category II May lead to severe physical or psychological dependence High abuse potential Accepted medical uses
Controlled Substance Category III Less abuse potential than drugs in Schedules I and II Accepted medical uses May lead to moderate or low physical dependence or high psychological dependence
Controlled Substance Category IV Low abuse potential compared with drugs in Schedule III Accepted medical uses May lead to limited physical or psychological dependence
Controlled Substance Category V Low abuse potential compared with drugs in Schedule III Accepted medical uses May lead to limited physical or psychological dependence
Ventrogluteal site injection The heel of the hand is placed over the greater trochanter, and the middle finger reaches toward the iliac crest while the index finger is angled toward the anterior superior iliac spine. The injection is given in the center of the resulting triangle.
rectus femoris injection site one third of the distance from the knee to the greater trochanter of the femur, in the center of the anterior thigh
vastus lateralis injection site The thigh is divided into thirds; the lateral middle third is the injection site
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