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Plane surveys generally -made on small areas -bearings are astromonic rather than grid
A line has a bearing of N71d14'30"E. A deflection angle to the right is measured at 51d06'10" to the next traverse line. The bearing of that line is: S 57d39'20" E
With the use of Robotic Total Stations, GPS surveys are not necessary. T or F False
The angle 122d37'20" in decimal degrees is: 122.6222d
What is the vertical difference on a slope distance of 106.784 and with a slope angle of +3d14'20": Formula for slope angles: Hort.Dist =Slope Dist X Cos Slope Angle Change Elev. = Slope Dist X Sin Slope Angle +6.033
Gunter's chain is: - 66 feet - 100 links long - 20.117m long
Tools which could have been used to build the Roman cities, miltary camps, and roads were: - odometer - Groma - Chorobate
EDM's are effected by: - snow - fog - rain
The azimuth for a line with a bearing S24d15'50"E is: 155d44'50"
Land Surveying can be traced back to: 2500 BC
Given a slope distance of 87.461m and a Zenith Angle of 87d12'45", what is the change in Elev. Formula: Change Elev.=slope dist X cos zenith angle +4.253
Give the following interior angles of a closed traverse, what is the angular misclosure? 105d43'20" 170d15'10" 110d41'10" 66d10'45" 87d08'10" -01'25"
A zenith angle of 267d14'20" would be a slope angle of: -2d45'40"
A section of road has a hort. dist. of 204m long with a +3% grade. What is the change in elevation? +6.120
A distance of 16 chains 58 links is: 333.5m
If the single angle is 215d51'50" then the closing angle with no angular error (close to the horizon) is: a. 107d55'55" b. 71d43'50" c. 215d51'50" d. 215d55'55" e. none of the above none of the above
The sum of the interior angles of a closed travers equals 1620d. The number of sides is: eleven (11)
EDM's classified as "Electro-optical" are those which use light/electromagnetic radiation (EMR) wavelenghts in the range of 0.4 to 1.2 microns. Which of the following types of EMR would be used in an "Electro-optical" EDM? - infrared - visible lasers
Captain James Cook was a famous sailor, mapper and cartographer, he is famous for his work in the South Pacific Ocean, he also sailed around and mapped Newfoundland. T or F True
Azimuth 0 - 360d - no direction stated - measured clockwise
Meridian, three types - Astronomic - Magnetic - Assumed
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