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Med Term Chpt 11

anuria absence of urination/ urine production
cystoscopy using lighted intr. to examine bladder
epispadias urethral meatus is in wrong position(above)
glomerulonephritis inflammation of nephron and glomerulus cappilaries
hydronephrosis enlargement of kidney due to stone in ureter blocking water release
hypokalemia decreased amount of potassuim in blood
incontinence state of not being able to hold urine in bladder
lithotripsy use of sound wave to break up stone in kidney
nephrolithotomy removal of kidney stone through small incision w/ endoscope
nocturia frequent urination during the night
percutaneous going through the skin
polycystic pertaining to many semi-solid cysts
retroperitoneal behind abdominal area
kidney nephr/o ren/o
kidney pelvis pyel/o
ureter ureter/o
bladder cysto/o vesic/o
nephroptosis kidney is drooping
nephropexy putting drooping kidney back in place
pyelonephritis kidney pelvis inflammed, also swelling- can't get rid of toxins
acute sudden onset
chronic ongoing, long term
ESRD end stage renal disease
uremia urine in blood - blood has breakdown products in it (ammonia, ESRD)
cystitis inflammed bladder
cystocele bladder hernia into uterus or bowel
fistula connection between two structures that should not be joined
hypospadias urethral meatus is below the tip of shaft
uria urination
enuresis involuntary release of urine
frequency small amounts often
urgency diminished bladder capasity
BUN blood urea nitrogen
IVP intravenous pyelography
KUB kidney ureters & bladder (order of x-ray)
VCUG voiding, cystourethrography (taken while patient pees)
TURP transurethral resection of prostate
TURBT transurethral resection of bladder tumor
ESWL extra corporeal shockwave lithotripsy (bombarding stone to pulverize)
TNTC too numerous to count
ESWL extra corporeal shockwave lithotripsy (bombarding stone to pulverize)
TNTC too numerous to count
ESWL extra corporeal shockwave lithotripsy (bombarding stone to pulverize)
TNTC too numerous to count
Created by: christiethoreson