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Fundamentals of RT - Unit 10

Disinfectant destroys vegetation form of pathogens NOT Spores
Types of Disinfectants Low - Will NOT kill Microorganisms (TB) Intermediate - kills all veg. bacteria and fungi Not all Viruses. High - Kills all Veg. Microorganisms, kills most Spores with long exposure
Pasturization is a form of Intermediate Disinfection, w/ Hot Water
Acetic Acid- Low Level Chemical Disinfectant - for home SVN - uses Vinegar and Distilled water.
Intermediate Level Chemical Disinfectant - ethyl and isopropyl alcohol - used on med vials. Disinfectant-used on surfaces. Anticeptics used on tissue. Face Mask, Vent or BP Cuff (Contact with Skin)
High level chemical Disinfectants- Kills spore w/ 3 hours of exposure. Ideal for Bronchoscope. Hydrogen Peroxide 6% - Sporicidal. Bleach - Surface disinfectant. Bronchoscope, Airways, Vent Tubing, Ambu bag, Neb (Contact with Mucous Membrane)
Sterilization Complete distruction of all microbs. Autoclave, Ionizing Radiation, Ethylene Oxide. Surgical Equip., Broncoscope Brushes/forceps, and intravascular Cath. (Into Body or Bloodstream)
Autoclave Thermal Indicator- Steam under pressure
Ionizing Radiation Gamma Rays - High cost and Long Exposure
Ethylene Oxide Chemical Indicator - Good for heat sensitive Equip.
Created by: natlewis