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60 - Wenham 30

Exercise B

They will receive [But] a reward... Παραλημψονται δε μισθον...
...which (m) is better than life. ός εστιν κρεισσων της ζωης.
the [Then (lighter)] Christ is greater than the temple. ό αρα Χριστος εστιν μειζων του ίερου.
he [For] was a man full of grace and truth. ην γαρ ανθρωπος πληρης της χαριτος και της αληθειας.
The first workmen were saying "We shall receive more honor." οί πρωτοι εργαται ειπον ότι Παραλημψομεθα πλειονα τιμην.
the [But] true elders in compassion... οί δε αληθεις πρεσβυτεροι εν ελεει...
...they encourage their weak children. παρακαλουσιν τα ασθενη παιδια αυτων.
Whoever wishes after me to come... όστις θελει οπισω μου ελθειν...
...let him deny himself. ...αρνησασθω έαυτον.
Saint, a certain one, died... άγιος τις απεθανεν...
...and he did not leave children. ...και ου' κατελιπεν παιδια.
when [For] we were in the flesh... ότε γαρ ημεν εν τή σαρκι...
...slaves we were of sin. ...δουλοι ημεν της άμαρτιας.
These are the men who hear... ούτοι εισιν οί ανθρωποι οίτινες (οί) ακουουσιν...
..who (masc/pl) hear the words(sayings) of the multitude. ...οίτινες (οί) ακουουσιν τα ΄ρηματα του πληθους.
This man, not is worse than Judas? {no!} ούτος μη εστιν χειρων Ιουδα;
Why do you tempt me, hypocrite? τί με πειραζεις, ύποκριτα;
Whose is this image? τίνος εστιν ή εικων αυτη;
Speak some according to the flesh... λαλουσιν τινες κατα την σαρκα...
...but the Spirit is against the flesh. ...αλλα το Πνευμα εστιν κατα της σαρκος.
Created by: Koine Greek