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59 - Wenham 30

Exercise A

A covenant, better, he sent... Διαθηκην κρεισσονα επεμψεν...
...which (fem) is in the blood of the Savior. ήτις εστιν εν τώ αίματι του Σωτηρος.
And I, not am I greater than he? καγω ουκ ειμι μειζων αυτου;
Jesus [Αnd] departed... ό δε Ιησους ύπηγεν...
...full (masc) of the Holy Spirit. ...πληρης του Άγιου Πνευματος.
Abraham, your righteousness abounds... Αβρααμ, ή δικαιοσυνη σου περισσευει...
...because it is more (f) than the righteousness of your (s) race. ...ότι εστιν πλειων της δικαιοσυνης του γενους σου.
Why not was his witness true? τί ουκ ην ή μαρτυρια αυτου αληθης;
The flesh weak is. ή σαρξ ασθενης εστιν.
Say (pl) "Who is worthy in the village itself?" ειπατε Τίς εστιν αξιος εν αυτή τή κωμή;
your [But] brother has something against you (s.) ό δε αδελφος σου εχει τι κατα σου.
And certain of the Pharisees said (aorist) in themselves... και τινες των Φαρισαιων ειπαν εν έαυτοις...
Why does he blaspheme? Τί βλασφημει;
whoever [For] has will recieve more (neut/sing) όστις γαρ εχει παραλημψεται πλειον.
What to you, does it seem, Simon? τί σοι δοκει, Σιμων;
Who do you say that I am? (You (s) who me do you say to be?) συ τίνα με λεγεις ειναι;
Is able anyone [to go into] (into) the house (f) of the strong man? δυναται τις εισελθειν εις την οικιαν του ισχυρου;
Because he is the wise (man)... ότι εστιν ό σοφος...
...who[ever] (m) built his own house... ...όστις ώκοδομησεν την ιδιαν οικιαν...
...upon the same rock. επι την αυτην πετραν.
Becomes the last (neut/pl) {state} of the man... γινεται τα εσχατα του ανθρωπου...
...worse (neut/pl) than the first (pl). ...χειρονα των πρωτων.
Created by: Koine Greek



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