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colas may be purchased in one or two ________ bottles liter
the mass of a bowling ball is 7______ kg
a black fly is about 1 ______ long cm
the thickness of a dime is approx 1 _____ mm
1 teaspoon of cough syrup has a volume of 1 ____ mL
the speed limit on a highway is about 106 ____ per hour km
the length of a humans small intestine is 6.25 ____ meter
butter popcorn in a large 1 ____ bowl has about 50 _____ of fat Liter Grams
the human heart has a mass of 1.05 ______ kg
on a typical door the distance from the floor to the door knob is 1 ______ m
measures longer distances km
1 ____ is the width of a thumb tack or pinky finger cm
use to measure large quantities of liquid kL
small amount of liquid mL
1____ used to measure large objects; people; pets kg
1___ is the mass of two small paper clips g
1____ used to measure medicine mg
use to measure liquid volume graduated cylinder
measures lenght meter stick; metric ruler
measures mass balance
measures temp thermometer
unit of mass kg
unit of tem celsius
unit of length meter
unit of liquid volume liter
unit of density g mL
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