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Rev. Pompeii Stories

Pompeii Stories

Tito and Bimbo are a boy and his dog
Tito, despite his blindness, can tell what is going on in Pompeii through his sense of smell and hearing
Pompeii has previously been damaged by an earthquake
What happens to Tito afte he staggers through the marine gate and faints? Bimbo bites him on the arm.
According to the story, why was the ancient dog of Pompeii found with a raisin cake in its mouth? Bimbo died while getting Tito's favorite meal.
Which of the following terms describes Bimbo and helps to make him a credible character in the story? loyal
Which detail makes Tito an interesting but credible character? His dog helps him survive as a blind boy without a family in ancient Pompeii.
What event caused the destruction of ancient Pompeii? a volcanic eruption
Lapilli are most like rock
Why did some people of Pompeii enter the temples and public baths on August 24? they hoped those places would provide shelter and safety.
Diomedes planned to save his family by having them hide in the basement of their villa
What was the outcome of Diomedes' plan? He and his family died from breathing poison gas.
What happened a second time in Pompeii on August 25? Mount Vesuvius erupted
What was the result of the events of August 24 and 25 in Pompeii? The city was destroyed, and most of its population buried.
Created by: Tward